Saturday, February 16, 2019

That darn fish finder doesn't work.

I mentioned last post that I got a Garmin Striker 4, 3.5" screen  fish finder.

Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5" GPS Fishfinder with CHIRP Traditional Transducer
Fish finder
Well, I got it put together. I contemplated mounting it on the side of my kayak, but you still need space for the battery. So I did it the portable way. You have a little tray about 10 inches in diameter that the fish finder attaches to, a little slot for the 12v battery, and a place to wind up the cord that goes to the transducer. 

So I put the fish finder in the kayak, opened the access hole in front of the seat, and suction cupped the transducer to the bottom of the kayak. 

I turned it on and nothing. Oh, it came on all right, but didn't show any depth or fish that I could see. 

So I called Garmin and told them the problem. Ran through all that I had done and what was showing on the screen. 

The Customer Service Rep that I was talking to then asked the definitive question. 

"Was the kayak in the water?"

Thought you might need a little chuckle this morning.   

Friday, February 8, 2019

I May Never Be Warm Again

A week in a nutshell.

Monday morning we had snow.

Monday Morning
Tuesday and Wednesday morning we had frost.

Tuesday & Wednesday

Thursday (Yesterday) I decided to take a chance and run out to Lake Camanche and soak some Power bait.
Thursday Morning
After I got my wife off to work, I headed out. Did I mention it was 25 degrees? Got to the lake about 9:00 and was set up with one rod and rainbow Power Bait, the other with white Power Eggs. When I got to the lake it was 39 degrees. Now I know y'all back in the mid-West think 39 degrees is almost Summer, but out here, it's cold. 

Just as I parked, there were a couple guys getting ready to launch their kayaks. I heard one guy yelling as he sat in his yak. "Little nippy?" I asked. He had stepped into the 50 degree water getting into his yak. I told him that's why I'm fishing on shore and not in my kayak. 

About 10:00 the guys at the end of the peninsula left fishless. About the same time one guy way out toward the island left fishless. 

That left me and a new friend named Peter from Sacramento. We chatted and I discovered we've fished the same places many times. Harrington Access of the American River for Shad, Sunrise access for Steelhead, Lake Amador, Lake Pardee, and many others. I'm surprised we'd never met formally until yesterday. 

Back to the cold. I had on my parka, Eddie Bauer fleece gloves, and even ear muffs and I was still cold. Either it was REALLY cold or I'm not handling it very well this year. 

I hung out until Noon and left. Peter was the only one that hung on. 

Between the time I arrived and the time I left the lake (fishless), the temperature had risen  1 degree. 

Peter didn't have anything on his stringer either. 

Probably too cold for the fish to bite.

Rain through next Tuesday and probably snow, again, on Monday Morning. 

Have no fear, Summer's coming. 

Stay tuned.