Thursday, October 10, 2019

And Then it Was Gone

Tuesday Night, Midnight and Pacific Gas & Electric with a "Weather Event (their phrase for high winds)" coming, they shut off the electricity to 800,000 people in Northern California.

Wednesday morning was a bit of a challenge. No electricity, no electric coffee pot. So there I am pouring hot water (we have a gas stove that works without electric. You know the old match to the burner trick) over the coffee grounds to get some ersatz coffee.

Then I had an epiphany (seems I get these quite often). Why not get the camping coffee pot out of the trailer. It works on the stove top just like an electric one and makes good coffee.

Around 9ish I drove over the RV lot where I store the trailer, when not in use, and for some reason my space was empty. Then I noticed (I am very observant) that the Winter tire covers, blocks that the leveling jacks go on, and the wheel chocks were strewn for about 50 feet up the aisle in front of where the trailer is usually parked.

Between myself and the gentleman who is in charge of the RV lot we estimated that sometime after midnight (when PG&E shut off the power) when the security lights and security cameras went off, someone backed up to my trailer, hooked up and took off with it like a bat out of hell. Thus the scattering of the covers, blocks, and chocks.

I called the sheriff's department, who referred me to the Highway Patrol and filed a basic stolen trailer report. About 15 minutes later a Highway Patrol car pulled into the parking lot and I finished the report with a very nice officer.

I reported it to the insurance company and they said that after two weeks it's considered gone. 

So I wait for a call.

The no longer Freedom Express
I have both sets of keys. If I do get it back, what is it going to look like. The slimebag who took it will have to use a pry bar to get the door and the storage doors open. Probably taken by some drug addict to sell for more drugs. I hope it was worth it and I hope they catch him. 

We really liked that trailer.

We thought we lived in a relatively safe area. 

We never thought something like that would happen in a secured parking area. 

Thanks, Pacific Gas & Electric. 

Insurance will cover it. PG&E has stated that any financial loss (like your refrigerator or freezer or your camping trailer) because of a "weather event power shut off" is your problem. This is definitely a financial loss. 

I have many nasty words in the back of my brain, but will refrain from using them so I can keep this post PG rated. 

Stay tuned. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Aaaah, the Secret Lake

You know the Secret Lake (the one that everybody knows about). Yuki and I had visions of Brown Trout, cool mountain air, and floating crickets at the inlet.

We were set. Purchased 30 large. Sounds kind of gangsterist, 30 Large.

We left La Casa Kautz at a little after 0900. Stopped for donuts and coffee in Pine Grove and we were on our way up Highway 88.

The Secret Lake, Fall, Spawning Browns. I was giddy with anticipation.

Turned right on Tiger Creek Road, got in about 2 miles and THE ROAD WAS CLOSED. WHAT???

Who would do such a thing to two fishermen with great expectations?

The local energy company (Pacific Gas & Electric) has been on a campaign to (finally) remove dead trees and anything that could cause a power line failure, which in turn could cause a catastrophic fire like the one last year that erased the town of Paradise, California or any of the many others that burned hundreds of thousands of acres.

So, when will the road be open? The gentleman we talked to said not until the end of the year. By then it'll be butt deep in snow at the Secret Lake. He suggested we could fish Lake Tahoe (funny guy) or San Francisco Bay (he's becoming less funny), possible Pyramid Lake (now I'm ready to hit this guy with something).

And then he casually drops this little tidbit. The area below the Power House on Tiger Creek and the Secret Lake will probably be closed to fishing from now on because of over fishing. They say, "Don't kill the messenger" and it was a good thing I had a seat belt on because I was on my way out of the truck to do just that.

So we sucked it up, made a U-all can turn, and headed back to the highway.

My dreams of 24 inch Browns........Gone.

Our options were Bear River, Silver Lake, or Caples Lake. We decided on Bear.       

Found the lake to be a tad low, but it is October.

The white strip across the top of the dam is the high water mark.
I drove down the side of the lake and backed up almost to the dam.
Then we crawled down the rocks (in the picture below) until we could find a place to sit and put out 4 rods. Yuki did two with crawlers and immediately brought in a 10/11 inch Rainbow.

Fishing down there
I put out one rod with rainbow Power Bait and the other a cricket (remember I had 30 Large) under a bobber. 

And there we sat until 1:00 pm when we decided to call it a day.

Took a few shots around the lake for you viewing pleasure.

Across from us

To our left

As it turned out, Yuki 1 - Mark Zip. 

I am saddened that the Secret Lake is no more. I'm saddened that the area below the Power House is no more. But Winter is coming and they should start planting Camanche shortly. Big Mt Lassen Rainbows are on the horizon. Excitement is ramping up. 

Stay tuned.