Friday, April 3, 2020


Have you ever noticed that when you put labels on a post, Blogger automatically puts them in alphabetical order. Only took me 10 years to notice.

That is the sound of me bouncing off the walls. We've been cooped up for 16 days (with the exception of going to the grocery store) and we have at least 27 more to go according to our Governor.

But, so far only 2 cases in Amador County and one took off as soon as he or she found out they were positive. Way to go moron. Let's spread it around some more. We have approximately 5000 people in our county, but are spread out all over the place. Hopefully that will help contain it.

Other than the complaint above, I have two more. You all know about the hip problem and it's a strain to just to put on socks. Ergo (I love that word. For those who don't know it, it is Latin for therefore) I have someone that trims my toenails. No not my wife. Unfortunately that shop is considered "non-essential" and has been shut down. Yesterday I had to trim my own toenails. Probably not something you'd care to hear about, but a massive strain on this old body.

The second complaint is my barber is also considered non-essential. Ergo, I had to mow my own head. Not an easy job if you don't have eyes in the back of your head, which I don't. Kinda figured I should throw that in.

So all I can say is that this "house arrest" sucks.

OK, I got an email from another blog site and I said I would do a shout out for them. It's called . They do reviews on fishing rods, cameras, fishing line, and some other things. They have techniques, baits, and gear to use for some specific types of fish.

It's worth a look and a read. A lot of interesting information. So go check them out. 

"House arrest" (Shelter at home)  is definitely putting a crimp in my fishing, camping, and going in general. Even if you could find a place to fish, are you brave enough to risk getting this deadly virus? If all else fails, put a sinker on your rod and cast across your back yard. It's keep your arm muscles in shape could come to my house and pull weeds. Yes, ladies and gentlemen it is that time of the year again where the weed population is taking over the hill behind the house. If it wasn't going to rain for the next few days, I'd be out there with my Roundup sprayer. Maybe next week.

As it happens, being the bookworm I am, I just happen to be reading a book about aliens releasing a virus strain on the world to kill off all humans. Yeh think ????

I hope everybody is OK. This is only going to get worse before it gets better. Keep your head down and stay safe.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Well, That Sucks

First let me say that all is well out here in Northern California, at least with our families.

Second, Governor Gavin Newsome has put a "shelter in place" order for the entire state. The order lasts (for now) for a "couple weeks".

So, with reservations on Friday and Saturday, we packed up the unused, new, Lance trailer for the maiden voyage. I had made reservations two months ago to do a "check it out" trip, close to home to find out what, if anything, isn't working in the trailer. Place needed full hookups per the recommendation of Trailer Life magazine. 

The new trailer
With a prior trip check on Wednesday to make sure they were open, we headed out to the Lake Camanche to the Trout Pond camping area. 

Trout Pond
Oh, before I go any further, the "shelter in place" order, what's the difference if you shelter at home or shelter in your home with wheels? I don't see any difference.

OK, a 45 minute drive and we pulled up to the check in at the South Shore (where the Trout Pond is) and as we drove up I noticed the red light/green light on the building was RED. I know enough about Camanche that this was not going to bode well.

As of 5am on Friday morning, Lake Camanche closed. No camping, no fishing, no nada. So why hadn't we been notified? Apparently the girl at the gate did not have either a phone number or an email address for us. We weren't very happy with this especially since SHE was the one who took my reservation.

So we did a y'all can turn around and headed back home to "shelter in place" there. I can see the shack nasties coming already.

Needless to say, my wife was pissed. You see, this was a two fold trip. One to test the trailer and the second to help with the sadness of losing our boy kitty Jasper on Monday.

He was only 12 years old, but developed kidney failure (common with cats). We gave him 100 ml of Ringers every day and were able to keep him with us for about a month or so. He finally got to the place where he couldn't walk, wouldn't eat, and his temperature was down to 93 degrees (99 is about normal for a cat) which (according to the vet) isn't life sustaining.

So, not only did the Corona Virus screw up our "check out" trip, but kept a black cloud over our house.

Don't know when I'll get to fish again since Camanche, Amador, and Pardee are all closed until further notice and upcountry doesn't open until the last Saturday in April. Then again, with the last storm and the one starting Monday, most places will be butt deep in snow until June or July. 

I hope you all are well.

Stay tuned.