Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Blog Shoutout

Several times in the past I've had posts about this place or that place that I've passed in my fishing travels. I wanted to give a shoutout to one blog I've been following for the past couple months.

Bill's Two Lane Travels is written by Bill Paxson who resides in Sacramento and has a tendency to wander the two lane roads of Northern California.

I've traveled a lot while in sales, back in the day, but Bill hits some places I never knew existed.

It's a good read, some interesting photo's, and a lot of good old California history.

Stop in, say hi and let Bill know I sent you. You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cardiologist Visit

Just a quick update.

Everything is OK.

Although I have a couple other small tests, the heart is GOOD.

One other item. If you've read my book I refer to my fishing buddy in Chapter 12. Haven't seen him in a gazillion years. So I'm at the hospital doing the nuclear medicine test (last we talked, he was a Nuclear Medicine Technologist) and as usual I ask if the technician knows my fishing buddy. "Don't know the name", he says. I get home and do a Google search and he's all over the place. Most of the time when I think about him, I forget when I'm in front of the computer, but this time I had an epiphany and bipped out to Facebook (and you guys know I don't Facebook very well). Low and behold, there he is. A friends request and a day later my inbox is filled with emails from him. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Stay Tuned.