Sunday, September 16, 2018

There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Well, the leg problem. Where to start.

The first doctor who did the spinal X-Ray, I find missed the problem. I was sent to physical therapy who said he could hurt me for 6 sessions, but it really wouldn't fix the problem. I think not. 

My regular doctor who had me do the MRI, missed the problem. When  I asked for the results of the MRI, the response was that it showed the same as the X-Ray. "That's it" I asked, "That's it" was the response. 

So we tried the float tube. You know the last post. That didn't work very well. It took almost three weeks until I felt confident enough to put the cane away.

Enter the chiropractor earlier this week. No, I'm not sitting around, I'm doing. Push, hurt, pull, hurt, bend, hurt, results............... Not my back, but probably a hip replacement. Makes sense, kneel down and pressure on the hip. Walk on uneven ground and pressure on the hip. Duh!

Did I mention both the doctors missed this even though I said left side hip to foot?

Prognosis, possible hip replacement although getting my current doctor on board (he knows everything) might be a small problem, BUT let it be known I'm driving this bus although I need his referral to get to the Orthopedic Surgeon (my nephew the Orthopedic Surgeon never called by the way). 

Time to fishing the rivers again, about 6 weeks after surgery. This confirmed by the chiropractor and Frank at California Fly Fishing who just had this done and is back on the water. Talked to him earlier this week. Once I talk to the Orthopedic Surgeon I'll pass along that info. We'll see, stay tuned.

OK, second light at the end of the tunnel. You all remember the Yuki kayak incident Since that time my wife has been death on kayaks. She finally relented when we got the inflate-a-yak a couple years ago. Three problems with the inflate-a-yak.

One, doesn't do two people very well (Sea-Eagle 12' two people kayak).

Two, seems to get holes pretty easily. We had one at Upper Lake this year and even though I patched it, it still leaked as does the blow up seats. Paddle around, float by, pump, pump, pump, and on her way. A little later, same thing. 

Three, it is NOT aerodynamic by any means. We got a couple hours on Upper Lake one morning and that was it for 5 days at the lake.

Now it's yesterday morning at Lake Camanche and we've rented two "hard shell" kayaks to try. About the same wind as Upper Lake and the kayaks whizzed right around the lake.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner............

Now we just have to find the right kayak. The ones at Camanche had clip on seats. Very uncomfortable. So the search begins.

Stay tuned.     

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Upper Lake, The Rest Of The Story

Here's how it went.

Day one, Sunday.

Left about 10:30 with a four hour drive to Upper Lake. Stopped half way for a Mexican food lunch (I had a burrito and Katherine had quesadillas) and this little guy joined us, but on the outside of the window.

Praying Mantis
Got to the lake around 2:30/3:00 and after setting up the trailer only had time to throw a few Kastmasters off the dock. No fish to be found.

Day two, Monday. Awoke to winds around 10 mph coming straight across the lake. Too fast to put either the float tube or the inflate-a-yak in the water. So I went up to the office and got a carton of crawlers. I put one out on a slip sinker rig with a couple white floaty things to keep the crawler off the bottom and on the other rod hung one about 3 feet below a bobber. No fish to be found.   

Worm drowning 
The afternoon produced more wind and more waves.

While I was waiting around for the bite that never came, I snapped a couple shots of the previously green hillside across the road from the RV park. The next three photo's are the result of the Ranch Fire that is still burning as I type this, but on the North and East side of the fire. 

Lucky cabin owners

Burnt to a crisp

Lucky resort owners
Day three, Tuesday. We awoke to calm winds and little, if any waves. Launched the Float Tube Cumberland and the Inflate-A-Yak. I in the float tube, Katherine in the yak.

I fished a Thin Mint across the front of the dock area because that is where I caught the little Bass a couple years ago. Then I went across to about half way in the picture below and fished a Crawdad imitation I got a couple years ago just for this lake.

Then I had a small problem. You see, the crawdad imitation was a bit big. So big, in fact, that when it got water logged, it broke the 5 lb leader I had it on. It was too heavy. OK, so I put on a Clouser Minnow in green and white and tried that. Cmon, you guys know I'm no Bass fisherman. I was groping here.

The reason I waited to comment more on this picture is that the River Fire (that and the Ranch Fire made of the Mendocino Complex Fire) stopped on the other side of this hill. A mere half mile away. 

Day four, Wednesday. The day dawned with winds more that we had previously. Maybe  to 10 to 15 and even whitecaps on the lake. No tubing that day. Fished off the dock with white Power Eggs. No fish this day either.

The picture below is how Day four ended. We were headed home the following morning (Thursday, that would be today).

One thing I wanted to add is that the owners of the resort, even though everyone else had evacuated, stayed during the fire. The boat in the above picture is theirs and they spent a good bit of time on it and in the center of the lake while the fire (as seen in the pictures above) raged across the street. Braver than I'll ever be.

OK, here's the result of the morning in the Float Tube Cumberland. On Tuesday afternoon I had increasing trouble walking. By Tuesday night, it was getting worse. It wasn't just hip pain this time but pain all the way down BOTH legs. Tuesday night into Wednesday morning brought cramps in both legs. And let me tell you, drugs were only taking the edge off.

The decision, made by both Katherine and I is that float tubing is out also, BUT there is a Plan B or maybe C. Could be D, in the works.

Stay tuned.