Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Oroville Dam Update

OK, you've seen the spillway on TV. I have to say that when it works correctly it's an amazing sight.

The water level will be down below the emergency auxiliary section in about 5 days. Then they can get some more repairs made. In the mean time they are still letting 100,000cfs out of the spillway even though it's damaged at the bottom. The aren't seeing any more major damage in that area.

As far as us being safe, here is the info I sent Mel this morning:

We're a long way from Oroville Dam (maybe 4 or 5 hour drive). If we had a dam problem it would come from the Hydroelectric dams on the Mokelumne River. There are two, one up Electra road (where Yuki and I fished late last year) and one further up the river at a place called Tiger Creek. Both are in good shape and owned by Pacific Gas & Electric so well maintained. No worries there. We've had some flooding in the area, but where our house is, and even though we are across the street from the drainage creek, it's been minimal. When I say minimal, what I mean is that we had a couple inches of water (from the rain) build up in the back yard until our drains could take it out to the street.  No big deal.

To respond to the comments.

Bill Trussel's son Jason is no longer in Marysville (I'm glad for that) so he's safe. 

We're not done yet Howard. Starting Thursday the rain will begin again and last through Thursday the following week. That's as far as Channel 10's forecast goes and based on the little icon, Thursday isn't the last day.

And the boots, cheap. $13.00 at Tractor supply.

Thanks for worrying about us out here. The song says "It never rains in California". Even though they are talking about Southern California where is certainly doesn't rain very much, and they really aren't talking about rain at all, trust me it does rain in California. Only problem is that it usually comes in massive amounts when it does. I'll just throw out a couple dates for you. 1986 rained so hard the American River was bank to bank and they considered blowing up an earthen dam (dike 8) and flooding Rancho Cordova to relieve the pressure on Folsom Dam. Then there was January 1997. Same thing, water, water everywhere, and of course 2016 & 2017.

We'll get through it and boy will there be some awesome stream fishing this summer.

Stay tuned. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Lots Of Information

First on the agenda today is yours truly was asked to participate in a website post about fly fishing called Epicwilderness.com . I have to admit that I'm among some pretty special people, many who you already know like Orvis, Mat Wagner (The Driftless Angler), Jason tucker (Fontinalis Rising, and Kirk Warner (Unaccomplished Angler). I am humbled that they would ask me "What are the 3 most important things you wish you knew when you started fly fishing?". So go out and take a look at Epicwilderness and see what you think about their site.

Second on the agenda is that I'm sure, if you watch National News that you saw the problem they are having at the Oroville Dam. It was pretty shaky last night with the evacuation of the towns along the Feather River (below Oroville Dam) to the tune of 100's of thousands of people. BUT the dam held and the water level is dropping although most are still not allowed back home quite yet.

Third, since it rained most of last week and we are expecting five more days of rain, starting Thursday, I headed out to Lake Camanche this morning if for no other reason, to get some fresh air and sun. Want to know about the water level? It's full. You saw the pictures in the last post of the Mokelumne River running under the 49 bridge. That runs into Lake Pardee (which is full) and then into Lake Camanche and back out into the Mokelumne which has been flooding the valley down Wilton (Ca.) way.

So with two lines out, one with rainbow PB and the other with orange Power Eggs, I sat, chatted with Rubin and Dave (you know them from previous posts) and Yuki when he arrived. It's getting to be like a family out there. Rubin caught one on Chartreuse PB right when he got there, but the rest of the time was spent socializing. We were waiting for 11:00 which seems like the time the bite starts.        

In the picture below, if you make it big and look right in the center, that little bush is the big bush on the island we used to fish off. 

The cove
North Shore ramp
That's Yuki down there.
The only fish came at about 11:30 on white Power Eggs. I guess it was my lucky day. Probably should have gotten a lottery ticket.

Fish on
How do you like the new boots?
Got tired of muddy socks caused by a blow out of my old sneakers.

And there it is.
Probably a pound and a half to two pounds. Gave it to Rubin (behind me) to go with the one he caught earlier. You'll notice I'm in a tee-shirt. Nice low 60's with ample sunshine. A nice day, all in all.

Next time out probably not until next week.