Thursday, October 8, 2015

Last Trip To Upper Blue Lake This Season?

Upper Blue Lake, 8100 feet elevation, Winter is coming, and most of the campgrounds are closed. Yuki and I left the house at 0900 and with the road construction delays (apparently they haven't changed seasons yet), made it to Upper Blue Lake at 11:00.

IMMEDIATELY Yuki started getting bites while I untangled my three rods. Three rods travel together for any length of time and you end you snipping and retying which is what I was doing while Yuki was getting bite after bite. That's different.

Yuki re-baiting after many bites.
Finally I managed to get one rod in the water. Yuki kept getting bites. Notice I said bites. For some reason that neither of us could figure out, they wouldn't stay on the line. Might try Superglue next time. I got my second rod in the water and there I sat while Yuki kept getting bite after bite. I might note at this time he was using rainbow Power Bait.

Me sitting, no bites.
Still sitting, no bites.
I-Phone sitting, no bites.
Another I-Phone sitting with no bites.
OK, I got a couple, but couldn't keep them on the line either.

Mean while Yuki managed to put a 9" and 10" Rainbow on the stringer. Somehow he slipped in some Salmon Eggs which is what he caught the first one on. Looks like I was going to get the old skunkeroo.

Then I hooked one, only to have it drag me into the rocks and away it went. I was not having a fun day.

We decided to throw in the towel (that's a boxing term for those of you that don't know where it came from. ie throw the towel into the ring and give up.) The plan was to head back down the hill at 2:00.

At exactly 1:45 I got a hit and managed to keep it on the line long enough to bring it to shore. Yeh!!!!! I'll stop whining now. 
Almost to shore
Closer yet
Got him.........
My one and only fish about 10", but enough to beat the skunkeroo.Yuki took the first one and the second one, and I took the last one. That's different.

We're thinking we just might have to take another shot later next week. If we can still get up there we just might do a Float Tube Cumberland/kayak trip and give fly fishing a shot. I've been wanting to put the Float Tube Cumberland in Upper Blue Lake for some time now, but usually hesitate when I'm the only person up there. .

Stay tuned.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Moon, Super Trout, And Caples Lake

OK, this is going to cover a lot of ground, so hang on. Last night, unless you live in a cave, you know about the Super Moon/Blood Moon.

This is what we, here in beautiful downtown Jackson, California saw.

I can't see it, can you?
So, earlier in the night I'm watching the Chicago Cubs step on the Pittsburgh Pirates to the tune of 4-0. During the game, the announcers make a comment about a guy named Mike Trout (LA Angels Outfielder) who continues doing things a normal human shouldn't be able to do. And then they slapped this picture on the screen. Actually it was a short video, but this was what I wanted to show you. Mike Trout robbing a Seattle Mariners batter of a home run. Qualifies for Super Trout, don't you think?
Mike Trout
Now on to Caples Lake. With absolutely no expectations, I drove up the hill to Caples to soak some Power Bait and drown a couple night crawlers. Last time I visited Caples, the lake was almost full even in the throws of this humongous drought we're in. Not the case today. See the spot on the left where half a tree hits the rocks, that is where I usually sit during a normal year. About 15 feet above where I was today. 

The dead tree (you know the place) at the rear of the picture

The other way

Across the lake

Toward the far end

I'm just snapping my little heart out
 One rod with rainbow Power Bait, one rod with a crawler and a couple white floaty things to keep it out of the claws of the local Crawdad's and Kastmasters on my little Okuma. I know, I know, you're only supposed to use two rods with a two rod stamp, but who was there to say anything. I was the only, repeat only person on the shore or on the lake. Oh, I did catch a Crawdad with a worm on a hook. In fact I caught him twice. He obviously didn't see the humor in that because the last time I threw him in, he was gone like a shot. I had to do something to keep myself amused.

I suspect that little three rod sin was the reason I didn't get a nibble.

Couple hours later and back in the truck heading for Red Lake. It is just over the hill after all. Red Lake has been crappy lately to say the least, but with Fall here my hopes were that maybe, just maybe the Brookies were near the dam doing a little Brookie cha-cha. 

The water level of the lake was the lowest I've ever seen it in the eight years I've been fishing Red Lake. Very sad.
Normally underwater
Usually sit on those big rocks to fish.
But I gave it the old college try. Worked from the tree line in the top picture over to the dead log (make the picture bigger to see it) in the lower picture. I used 1/4 oz. and 1/8 oz. Kastmasters in silver (the best color for Red Lake), gold, and even tried the pink one. All I managed to do was lose my second Kastmaster of the day. I lost a 1/4 oz. pink one at Caples on a submerged stump.  

I have been officially skunked.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weber Point, Stockton, California

Yuki, in his wanderings, ended up at Weber Point in Stockton a couple weeks ago. He said that he saw a guy catching Striper after Striper and another guy catching Red Ear Sunfish at this particular spot.

My last two Striper adventures were quite interesting so I said yes, let's go. First let me remind you of those two visits. First one was on the American River at Rossmoor Bar. I was throwing a Rattletrap and had one followup that was about a foot long and the second was more than two feet long. Didn't catch any though. The other adventure was with Yuki at New Hogan Reservoir and instead of catching a Striper, I caught a BIG Catfish. 

On to today. When we got to where he wanted to go I realized we were at Weber Point in Stockton, California. If you're a follower of KCRA 3 (Local TV station) they show this exact spot every night when they give the weather for Stockton. So here's a look.

Walkway along Weber Point

Toward the end and University Plaza Waterfront Hotel

On the left is the Stockton Arena
Stockton Arena is home to several sports teams like the Stockton Heat (hockey) and formally a soccer team, a couple football teams, and the Stockton Thunder.

The Sherman
The white ship above is The Sherman. The 144-foot ship was once called the General Frank M. Coxe. It was a steam ferry for the Army built in the 1921. Decades later, it will become a floating restaurant called The Sherman. From the looks of it today, it'll be a while so don't rush right down with plans for dinner. 

A full shot of the arena.
We fished from the side opposite the arena. I got a couple drive-bys from a couple small Stripers on a blue/silver Kastmaster, but that was it. I have no idea what to use for Stripers. Yuki struck out on that side of the water. Then we walked over to the side by the arena. Over a period of a couple hours, Yuki got a couple hits and one good miss on a Rattletrap. I fished four or five different lures and plugs, but nothing.

While we were fooling around with plugs and lures, we put in a couple lines with red worms in hopes of enticing some Red Ear Sunfish. The first to come to had was a small Bluegill (I think). I'm not so good at identifying Sunfish. It got to a point that we were having so much fun catching those little Sunfish, we forgot about Stripers.   

I really don't have bony legs. It just looks that way.

Bluegill I think
 Ooops, then I dropped one.
Sucker flopped under the rail.
 This was what was under the rail.

From what I can tell, a Redbrest Sunfish
Then Yuki got his first. A BIG Largemouth (or maybe Smallmouth) Bass.

Largemouth, I think. Smallmouth? who knows.
The Yuki added a small Sunfish of some sort (he wouldn't let me take a picture) and then another Bass (even smaller than that one) of which he wouldn't let me take a picture either.

So at the end of the day (about 1:30) I had caught 6 or 7 Sunfish and Yuki had one Sunfish and two Bass, but nothing that looked like a Striper. Then we went to In-N-Out Burger for lunch.

I think we'll do this again. Maybe next time with my little Okuma (2# test) or my 3 wt. fly rod. Could be fun.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Passing Of One Of The Greats

Yogi Berra passed away Yesterday at the age of 90. If you haven't seen article on MSN, go here.

There is a list of 50 Yogi-isms that will, if nothing else, make you laugh.

We'll miss you Yogi.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

What A Nightmare

Over the weekend I updated to Windows 10. When I went into the blog (this one) I didn't have a "New Post" or "Design" tab. All it had was "Dashboard". When I went to "Dashboard", it told me I didn't have a blog and start one right away, even though I accessed it through

I went though all the Blogger forum posts, help desk (who told me someone else owned the Blog), had my wife help me, and emailed Mike (Troutrageous!) (who has helped me so many times in the past) who told me he had upgraded to 10 and didn't have a problem. From a suggestion from Mike I even changed my browser to Chrome.

By this time I was pulling my hair out (with tweezers since it's so short). I didn't know what to do.

So what I did was sit here and stare at the blog and Shazam! it popped into my head what was wrong. When I did the upgrade, Google changed my login. The problem is that I have two Google accounts.

Once I changed it back to the original Google account the blog opened like normal. The one thing I noticed on that account is that there were a bunch of Primary, Social, and Promotions (who cares) emails that I didn't realize were there generated from the blog. So if I didn't answer, it's because I didn't realize they were there and they went back to the dawn of time. My humblest apologies.

So I sit here eating a bowl of Tillamook Mountain Huckleberry ice cream, patting myself on the back. You should try the ice cream, man it's awesome and so is the Marionberry Pie one.   

I'm back in business although with a might less hair. And this is what my wife does for a profession. I don't know how she does it, but she says she loves it.

Fishing Thursday. Stay tuned.