Monday, January 19, 2009

Bear River Reservoir Part 2

I touched on a couple of things that work for me in Part 1. Mainly Panther Martin's and Berkley Gulp Trout Dough. Previously I've mentioned a couple of colors of Trout Dough. There are actually 7 colors. I've caught trout on 4 so far. Got the other three colors for Christmas. Will try them soon. I've caught trout at Bear River on many different "baits". I've found that each time I go to Bear River, something different catches fish. Here are a couple of examples.
1. Silver Panther Martin.
2. Gold Panther Martin.
3. Silver Panther Martin & Gold Panther Martin
4. Wouldn't bite on either, but would bite of burgandy/gold Little Cleo.
5. Wouldn't bite on any of the above, but bit on a "Brown Trout" Tasmanian Devil lure. I noticed this morning that you can now buy these at The only place I could find them before was the resort at Bear River.
6. Wouldn't bite on any lure, but would hit Trout Dough.
7. Wouldn't touch a lure or Trout Dough, but would hit a floating nightcrawler.
8. Wouldn't touch a lure, Trout Dough, or nightcrawler but would hit a meal worm.
9. I've also had days when they would hit anything I would throw at them.

I have to let you know about meal worms. You can get these at most places that sell bait. They work really well with the slip bobber rig (mentioned in a previous posting). I found a place in Bighorn ( just east of Pioneer, CA) that sells meal worms that are HUGE Most meal worms I've gotten were about 3/4". There are at least 1 1/4" long. It's a little feed store next to the Shell station right on Highway 88. First time I tried these, I put one in the water and as soon as the bobber flipped up, it started to be pulled down or to the side by a fish. I was never a meal worm bait kid of guy, but I am now.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, to fish Bear River Reservoir, you need an arsenal of baits if you're going to catch fish. I have a tackle box full of lures, a gear bag full of things like power bait, bait scents, salmon eggs, etc. I have 4 rods rigged with different set ups, I take along nightcrawlers and meal worms. By the way, keep your nightcrawlers in the fridge (if your wife will let you) and your meal worms warm and they should last you a couple of outings, if the time between is not too long. When I get back home, I have a plastic tub with dirt in it that I throw the extra nightcrawlers in. Might need them some time. Haven't figured out the meal worm thing. Some say just put in some oatmeal. I'll probably try that this summer.

Next time I'll update you on the Sportsman Exposition at Cal Expo this past weekend. Till then, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".


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