Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Carson Pass & Beyond - Other Lakes

Once you get over Carson Pass on Highway 88 heading for Highway 89 and Markleville, you will come to a turn to Hope Valley. I've fished Hope Valley many times in the past. Haven't been there recently, but plan more trips this year. The times I have fished there, the catches were always good.

I fished Charity Creek for Brookies. Found a beaver dam with a rock overlook. Just lobbed a nightcrawler into the pond and waited for the Brookie to cruise by and snatch it. I fished a lake, we called Lily Pad Lake (I don't think it was the correct name), with nightcrawlers and a split shot. At that time, back the mid 70's you had to hike to the lake. The last time I was there, off roaders had plowed a road to the lake.

There is also Upper and Lower Blue Lakes. Upper Blue is good with nightcrawlers for Rainbow, Brookies and Cutthroat. With the new DFG regs, Lower will be stocked, Upper will not.
Other lakes in the area, Granite Lake (will be stocked), Tamarack Lake (make sure you take bug spray for this one. Last time I was there, we got eaten alive), Upper & Lower Sunset Lakes, Meadow Lake, & others.

Might want to stop by the ranger station, just past Bighorn on Highway 88, and pick up a El Dorado Forest map. Shows all the lakes, the roads to get to them, and hiking trails. They do charge for these maps.

One I forgot is Woods Lake. On the right hand side just past Caples Lake. Has a nice campground and day use facilities. I only stopped once last fall and fished right off the campground. It was shallow out a good distance and didn't get anything. Might be better around the sides or at the back. There is a trail that circles the lake. Rumor has it, Nightcrawlers and Power Bait work good in this lake. I will try it again this year once ice out has happened.

Might be able to fish these lakes again if it ever stops snowing. I had 9" of snow at my house in December. I also had snow this past Sunday and Yesterday. If I have snow at 3200' elevation, you know the lakes are being buried.

Till next time, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".


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