Monday, January 12, 2009

Highway 88 Corridor

Happy Monday Morning to all. Since I live in a little town called Volcano near the Highway 88 Corridor, I focus most of my fishing in that area. That doesn't mean I don't fish other areas. There are several lakes that are accessable off Highway 88 that are very good at producing limits of trout on a daily basis if you know what bait to use and when to fish.

Bear River Reservior has been a particularly good lake for me this past year. Mostly Rainbow with a few German Brown thrown in for good measure. Silver Lake, It holds a special place in my fishing heart as I mentioned earlier, it was what started me lake fishing. But for some reason, since I'm already that far up the highway, I tend to bypass Silver Lake for those beautiful Eastern Brook Trout in Red Lake which is just over Carson Spur in Alpine County. Caples Lake has always been good at producing Rainbows and Eastern Brookies although is was a little dry this year due to repairs on the dam.

Don't think I catch fish everywhere I go because I don't. I've fished Tiger Creek Reservoir on several occasions and been skunked every time. I've also fished Ice House and Sly Park lakes and been skunked. The only exception was the day I caught the Small Mouth Bass at Sly Park Lake by mistake. I was fishing for trout. But I don't give up, because I know people who catch limits at these places on a regular basis so I'll keep trying.

Next time I'll talk about specific lakes and what I've used to successfully catch trout at that lake. Again I want to express that I'm not claiming to be an expert, I only want to let you know what works for me and maybe it will help you put more fish on the table.

Till next time, remember "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".


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