Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cat Humor

Hey, Dad’s gone fishing again and we just discovered this place. Me and my brother are trying to figure out how to make words appear on the screen. My name is Jasper. I’m a black and white cat. I’m long and lanky. My brother is Smudge. He’s all gray and FAT. “Get off me you big cow. I’m doing the work here”.
Last week my Dad got a box from a place called Cabela’s. People don’t think a cat can read or understand what they are saying, but we do. “Move over Smudge and quit crowding me”. Brothers, what a pain in the butt. Anyway, in this box was a bunch of stuff for fishing. We like fish, after all we are cats. So in this box were some bottles of stuff called Pro-Cure Super Gel. Dad opened one called Trophy Trout and let us sniff it. Wow, I could smell that stuff all day. A couple of days ago, Dad put a drop on a piece of paper for us. Not as much fun as just sniffing the bottle. Hope we can smell the other bottles too. Kind of like cat drugs. Better than catnip. The only problem is that Dad keeps all his tackle in the truck, that way we can’t get into it as much as we would like to.
Can’t wait for dad to get home so we can sniff his pants and shoes. Smell all the places he’s been today. “Smudge, move over. No you can’t make the words”. Two big cats on one chair just doesn’t work. My brother is like a defensive linebacker. I, on the other hand am like a wide receiver. Yeh, we watch football with Dad too. I personally like the shows with animals on them better, but we lay in Dad’s lap and watch the games just to make him feel loved. My brother doesn’t really care about what’s on TV, he’ll watch anything and he’s happy just laying on Dad’s lap.
Better get out of here before Dad comes home. Don’t tell anyone we were on here. We saw something on TV that said, “My cat has his own blog”. Maybe Dad will let us have one. “What’s a blog”? “OK Smudge, let’s go. You can do the words next time”.

Jasper and Smudge


  1. Shoreman - Jasper and Smudge are hilarious. Great story, you cats! I love it. What kind of blog are you two thinking about. Maybe, a catfishing blog?

  2. The cats have taken over the blog! They should meet Sadie at TimberLife. She's a dog, but she takes over the blog on occasion too.

  3. Just thought a little humor might be in order since the fishing here stinks. If it ever stops snowing here and I can get up to the higher lakes, things should get better.

  4. I think your line of humor is great! Notice on my blog that I have to post a fishing funny ever once in awhile to just take the edge off. I would enjoy more of Jasper and Smudge.