Monday, March 16, 2009

Rancho Seco Lake

Had to take a run to Sacramento this morning and thought I'd stop by Rancho Seco Lake and check things out. Over the weekend was SMUD's Spring Trout Derby and the lake was stocked with approximately 2000 lbs of catchable trout. Some 500 pounds or more in trophy sized trout. During the Saturday Morning telecast on Channel 3 Sharokina Shams was at the lake interviewing Courtney Black with a five pound 14 ounce trout she had caught that morning using Power Bait.

I talked to the young man at the gate when I checked in and inquired how the derby went. He said that it was slow and the fish that Courtney caught was the winner. He didn't see many fish caught either day even though a lot of trout were stocked.

So, I wandered around at the boat launch area and asked a few of the guys fishing today if they had caught anything and the response was much the same as over the weekend. Few and far between. The ones that caught anything today caught them early in the morning and they only got one or two. So I drove over to the other side and asked the same question and got the same answer. So the perplexing question is: "If they stocked 1000 lbs on Saturday and 1000 lbs on Sunday why aren't any being caught". It's been my experience, and I mentioned it in an earlier post, that once a stock has been done you have at least three days where you can get several if not a limit. There were a lot of people fishing out there this morning and no one, and I mean no one, was catching anything. They figured the same thing I did. Derby over the weekend and today should have been a good fishing day. Beats the hell out of me.

By the way, I did throw out a couple of lures. The usual Panther Martins, and Kastmasters in gold, silver and silver/blue along with Little Cleo in burgandy/bronze and blue/nickle. Obviously nothing.

Oh yeh, one other thing, contrary to belief, the trout from Rancho Seco Lake (it's a non-active nuclear power plant) do not glow in the dark. Just kidding...............

All right, till next time: "A bad day fishing, and we've had a lot of them lately, is still better than any day at work".



  1. Shoreman - My guess would be some sort of "fish shock" first from the planting into new water, and, secondly because of the numbers of anglers that probably showed up to pound the water for some trout. Not much of a guess, but, a guess it is!

  2. Shoreman, you're starting to scare me, that's your third big fat zero! Are the fish all on strike?? Too strange...