Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Morning

Trout season opened Saturday for most of the Sierra. Always check DFG regs before fishing a stream. I, myself, have not been able to get out yet, but that will change this week. I've been tied up with projects around the house, but when I was in Angels Camp on Saturday I did see a couple of guys walking down to the creek with fly rods. Hope they had a good day. Angels Creek is one of the creeks I've fished for many years and has always produced a good number of Rainbows, if not a limit each time. Unfortunately this is one of the creeks that is on the DFG's no stock list. Going to make it harder to take any fish because it's a widely fished creek. If you are out this far, New Melones is just around the corner on Highway 4 toward Sonora.

I have to go out to Angels Camp to pick up my chainsaw, hopefully later this week (in for a tuneup) and I'll give the creek a shot. I'll report later on that.

Now that the Sierra Trout is open, I'm going to put some time in on local creeks and rivers and see if anything is popping. I have some ideas for the South Fork of the American River at Riverton (where Hwy 50 crosses the river at Crystal Basin Rd). Tune in later for a report on this.

Well, off to Sacramento for more project material. Maybe I can sneak off and hit a pond or something.

Till next time, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day with the log splitter" which is where I spent yesterday.



  1. Shore - went to Pardee last Sunday and trolled with The Hunting Partner and two boys (4 lines in the water.) No downriggers because we heard the fish were all at 15-35 feet (confirmed by the fishfinder once we were on the water.) Nothing, nada, zip. Talked to other boaters and it was much of the same, nothing biting. Everyone thought it was the cold rain the prior two days that turned it off. Lots of fish on radar, just nothing hitting. We tried everything.

  2. Hey Jon - This is why we do these blogs. If you take the local report, fisherman are catching trout left and right at Pardee. I sent you the report via email. It was too big for this post. Thanks for the update.