Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Nothing about going fishing today. I'm excited, I just got a delivery from Bass Pro Shop with some stuff I ordered. I got 4 Worden's Sonic Rooster Tail lures (Yellow, White, Red, and Chartreuse. They didn't have Black in stock). Read an article saying this is the lure for trout. Going to be hard to beat a Panther Martin, but I'm open for new ideas. I'll let you know how they work. Also got this thing called a Carolina Keeper. I don't know if you've seen them, kind of like a swivel, but no tying. It's plastic and plug shaped and crimps on your line for things like slip sinker rigs. If you haven't seen them, they carry them at Fisherman's Warehouse too. Also got split ring pliers and a supply of split rings in different sizes. I love Internet shopping.

Re-lined my Mitchell 300 and Mitchell 308 with Berkley Trilene Florocarbon. I can understand why the fish can't see this stuff. I could hardly see it to tie it on my reels. If it works better than regular line, I'll let you know. Just found a 10 buck rebate on the line I need to send in.

Till next time, remember: " A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".



  1. Congratulations on netting some new "Stuff". You know us fishing crazies never have enough "stuff".
    Rooster Tails will get the job done.

  2. Morning Mel.
    I'm off to Lake Amador this morning to try the Roostertails and the 3 new Clackin'Raps I bought yesterday at Fishermans Warehouse. I had to go give blood for my dcotors and stopped by the warehouse. I couldn't help my self.

  3. Fishing4fun, welcome to the site, neighbor. We live in Volcano, not town, but on Shake Ridge. Through the posts since I started, I've mentioned a lot of different lures and most of them work at one time or another. My friend Rob is going through the same collection process you are. As I find new stuff, I'll report on how they work. I'm going over the mountain to Red Lake on Monday to see if it's iced out yet. Lake Tabeaud is supposed to have both Rainbow and Brown. I've yet to catch anything there, but I keep trying.

  4. Fishing4fun. One thing I forgot. Mather Lake. Was good last year for trout in the Winter and Spring, but this year I've found it to have a lot of weeds just below the surface. They stock Rainbows during the winter and spring and there is a number of Bass and Crappie in the lake for Summer. Thanks for stopping by and I'm here to help.