Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Middle Bar Bridge

I needed to go into Jackson this morning to pick up some stuff at the supermarket. Important stuff like ice cream and chocolate. Oh yeh, a perscription. I took a side trip to Middle Bar Bridge. It's 4.5 miles south of Jackson on Highway 49 then 3 miles down Middle Bar Road to the bridge.

I ran into a worker for one of the tree trimming companies that told me about this place, so I had to check it out. I understand that this is one of the last bridges in California that you can fish off. I don't know, only what I was told. Interesting place. This is actually the Mokolumne River. The pictures below are up (left) and down(right) stream from the bridge. It's like a big lake with a current.

I took about 30 minutes and threw out several lures without any contact. One of the gentlemen in the bridge picture said that there are some big Browns there, in fact his Father hooked one the last time he was there, but the line broke. The three gentlemen fishing there were all fishing down stream with slip sinker rigs. I'm thinking, the next time I go there, I'm taking some of those big meal worms and some nightcrawlers to hook on a slip bobber rig and just let it float down from the bridge. See what happens. That won't be until I get back from LA this coming weekend. Shoreman is spending the Memorial Day Weekend with his Brother who lives in Long Beach. I'm trying to get him to do some fishing while I'm down there. I'll let you know what happens.
Tomorrow, I have to go to Sacamento for an early doctors appointment and then to the American River to try out my new Shad Darts. Fishermans Warehouse says the Shad are in the river. I'll report tomorrow afternoon.
Zach J Thanks for stopping by.
Till then, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work"


  1. Shoreman,

    I was born in Huntington Beach and my mother still lives in Sacramento. As you know I´m living in Argentina now. Small world.

    Anyway, nice pics. Let me know if you have any luck with the Browns. The next time I´m in Cali I´ll look you up.


  2. middle bar...i grew up in jackson and during the summer still make anywhere between 5-20 trips up there to see what is happening...as of yesterday(they are actually catching kokes right now with red or rainbow powerbait...i tend to use ultralight equipment and the trout i hooked on that pole snapped the line or i had a bad knot...regardless from the 4 times i have been up there in the last two weeks they are doing adequate...though the powerbait works wonders..i generally stick with night crawlers and sometimes use power eggs...also certain times of the year roe kills...one of the old times hipped me to some techniques for electra road that i will be trying as soon as the river flow goes down some...cats are beginning to make an appearance from what the locals are saying.

  3. was supposed to put the date in ()...lol (06/08/09) was at middle bar...

  4. We cought big brown on gold cast Masters