Friday, June 19, 2009

Kirkwood Lake

CORRECTION: Apparently Kirkwood Lake is in that little neck of Amador County, but actually sits in El Dorado County. So, it is on the DFG stock list and will be stocked next week (week of 6/21). That makes this lake a whole new ballgame.

I touched on this lake a while back. Today on the way back from Red Lake, I stopped, but didn't take any more pictures, because there are 2 on the June 2nd post. Any way, here is what I found. A fairly small lake as lakes go. There are 12 camping sites near the lake, it's first come, first served, no reservations, and a small area where you can park without paying a fee. Room enough for 6 or 7 vehicles. Beyond the campground, there are 2 or 3 houses (cabins).

I walked around the right side of the lake about a quarter mile and threw in a couple of lures. The lake is not listed on the DFG Stock/No Stock list, so all you'll get is natives if there are any fish in the lake. Rumor has it that there are Brookies. I didn't see anything.

Nice place to camp if you just want to paddle your canoe around the lake. Although, I did see a couple of young boys fishing a little beyond where I was.

That's it for this lake.


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