Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Power Bait Challenge

Well, here it is. We met at Red Lake 0700 as planned. Mark and I each put out our Power Baits. End of story. Shoreman got his butt kicked. The final tally was basic run of the mill Power Bait 4, Gulp Trout Dough, Zip. And no, there were no donuts. Might have worked better than Trout Dough. I can gracefully accept defeat. I have broad shoulders, I can take the heat.

Mark didn't gloat and I admire him for that. Although it would have been OK. His only comment was that he likes Basic Power Bait because it's cheaper. Apparently it works better too.

We did end up with a fist full of trout. Some where around twenty for the day between the three of us. Mark was fishing with a little yellow Rooster Tail, so I put a similar one I found buried in my tackle box. With it I did score my first Cutthroat (14"). The picture wasn't very good, so I'm not going to post it. We were moving between lakes and I wanted to get a quick snapshot.

We got most of the trout at Red Lake. Three at Caples (Rainbow and German Brown). all released). Nothing at Silver Lake and 3 (Rainbows, released) at Bear River.

That's it. Till next time, remember: "A day spent with your head hanging down in defeat is better than any day at work".


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  1. We will have to do this again. Maybe next time we'll just hit Lower Bear for the early morning. By the way, the shad are back for now.