Thursday, July 16, 2009

Caples Lake on Thursday

I want to make a correction to some of my past posts. I keep referring to the place I get those giant meal worms as the feed store in Bighorn. Here is the actual name of the store.

Juni Mae's Buck Horn Feed, Grain, and Bait, not Bighorn. When I was in there yesterday to get more meal worms, I got a card so I would get it correct. She's located next to the Shell Gas Station in Buck Horn. I also want to commend her for the work she does with animals. She was caring for the smallest kitten I've ever seen when I was there and she said he was a lot smaller when she got him. She's also cared for a number of other "orphaned" animals. One is the cutest little goats you've ever seen, but boy is she a brat. Cleans off the shelves everytime she's in the store. Kudos' to June for her work.

There were a lot of people fishing at the lake today. Even though the trout were surface feeding, those on the dam, like myself were not getting much. I caught a small one on a nightcrawler and released one about 11" on a meal worm. Couldn't get them to hit anything that looked like a lure. Did see the big ones cruising by about 5 feet off shore. Even the guys with fly rods couldn't entice them.

Went over to the sandy side of the spillway. No body was catching anything there either. I went about 200 yards down and set my butt on a tree root. I was able to catch 6 more on Gulp Trout Dough, keeping 4 for my limit. Must have found "the hole" because the guy next to me, using the same Power Bait, only caught one and that was before I got there.
Might be back up on Saturday with my Son, maybe my Grandson too. I'll let you know.

Till next time, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".



  1. You catch some nice fish in some beautiful country. Great blog. I am adding you to my blogroll.
    Tight lines

  2. I read a great fish one-liner the other day, thought I'd share:
    "Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught."
    They make sinkers here that are used for trolling in deep water, they are shaped like pencil, they can be very useful as they are difficult to get stuck. Another trick for fishing is to take a pair of snips and cut the head off of a finishing nail and insert it into your bait, this is more used with plastics in slower current. If the water is really fast, try a walleye based rig but slimmed down. cut off a leader based on current, 18-30" usually, set it aside, place a small glass/plastic bead on your line and then attach an egg or finesse sinker (small profile cylindrical sinker) then tie on a snap (or other type) swivel. Next tie on your leader with the hook (or small floating jig head?) and bait. You can use any type of line you want and use a flouro or mono leader. It's essentially a Carolina Rig slimmed down for trout, a gold swivel and glass bead provide flash and sound that may draw a trout in. A floating jig head and minnow can be very effective as well. Something new to try when there's current.

  3. Thanks Dave for the info. This and what Jetspray from the Sniffer left me might just do the trick.
    Fish Whisperer, Thanks for stopping by. I've also added you to my blogroll. I stopped by your blog and was pleasantly surprised to find you are in Fiji. I have a good friend, I used to work with, that's from Fiji and he used to tell me stories of the islands. In fact, I have a
    t-shirt in my closet from his last visit home. I look forward to your posts.