Monday, July 20, 2009

For the Deer Hunters

I'm not a hunter. I gave up hunting around 1970, while deer hunting at Big Bear, California. I heard a noise down the hill from where I was sitting. I sighted my scope on the spot and a man walked out of the brush dressed in all brown. I had him in the crosshairs. I set down my rifle and haven't hunted since. But, those that hunt, these are for you.
That's it for this post, I'm going fishing. OH Yeh, forgot to tell you, the deer were about 150 feet from my front door.


  1. Hey Shoreman! Sorry about your hunting experience. At least it didn't turn out any worse, but I don't blame you for not hunting again. I have no idea how that feels.

    Those mulies or blacktails? Looks like one of them has a serious knot on it's front leg. Mostly bucks! Never happen come deer season.

  2. Hey Shoreman ! Nice pics and what a beautiful view you have from your front porch! I live out in the sticks myself and enjoy the deer and turkey always visiting my back yard! I have feeders all around, and I would rather enjoy them visually than to shoot them myself. I do hunt some but I mainly fish. I only hunt for the meat!

  3. Hey Owl. I have no idea what they are. If I had to guess, I'd say Blacktail. I just enjoy them as long as they stay away from the flowers on the porch.
    Hey Kenny. The joys of country living, huh. We have the turkeys too. The most I've counted at one time was 54. There were turkeys everywhere.

  4. Enjoyed the photos. Living in the great outdoors has got to be more rewarding than traveling to get to the outdoors any day of the week. Thanks for sharing your home base.

  5. If you ever need help with them critters, just give me a holler.