Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Going Fishing Tuesday, Maybe Wednesday, Soon

I was planning on going up the hill on Tuesday (Yesterday) and fish Red Lake. I had to go into Jackson on Monday Morning and pick up a couple of things like food, I like food, and light switches and rope from Lowe's and nose around Walmart for a lure called Trout Trap that I'd never heard of. Guy on the Sniffer used it at Caples and apparently it worked really well. Of course, Walmart didn't have any, nor did Longs, the only two places in town that have fishing gear. There's a K-Mart across from Walmart, but the last time I looked in their fishing department, it looked like a tornado just swept through.

Getting back to the story, I came out of the grocery store and started my truck. Popped off the emergency brake (it's the law) and the dinger (that's about all I can call it) that reminds you the brake is on, kept dinging. I set the brake and released it and the dinger kept dinging and dinging and dinging. Since they closed the GMC dealer in Jackson, the next place to go is Folsom, a good hours drive. I couldn't just drive to Folsom right then and there, I had a truck full of groceries. So I dinged all the way home which is about 3/4 of an hour drive. Now this is not a quiet ding, it's a ding that can be heard 2 blocks away. Thus, I didn't go fishing Tuesday, I dinged my way to Folsom first thing in the morning. Two dings per second for the hour plus to Folsom. Got to GMC and got undinged. By then I was deaf. Had one of those epiphany's about half way down the hill. "I should have taken my ear muffs, from the shop, that I use when I run the saws". A little late.

OK, so now its Wednesday Morning and I'm off to Red Lake. Cup of coffee at Cooks Station and I'm assured of a limit. Red Lake at 7:45am. Nobody catching anything. Only 3 or 4 people there. Guys on the Sniffer caught tons of fish on Sunday. Threw out a meal worm on a slip bobber rig. Started with silver Kastmaster. Always works at Red Lake. Bobber bounced once, then a second time. Picked up the rod and nothing. Did I mention Red Lake is green. Some kind of algae in the lake in the Summer. After an hour and a half with no runs, hits, or errors (I've got to stop watching so much baseball), I packed up and went to Caples. One thing I forgot, I tried a clear bobber with some kind of fly (looked like a wooly bugger) I have from a little plastic container that my Dad (he passed away in 1967) had and I've carried it with me in every tackle box I ever owned. Naw, it didn't work either.

Got to Caples at 10:00am and went to the sandy side of the spillway where I fished July 16th. The lake level had dropped a couple of feet since then and the tree root where I caught fish then was occupied by another fisherman. So I walked a bit further and found a spot where I was by myself. I had walked by several people fishing, but no one had caught anything. This was not looking good. I had to walk through an area where a guy had his stuff, "Sorry, only passing through". Turns out he's a neighbor of sorts. Guy was from Pine Grove, you know Lake Tabeaud area.

I plopped my self down on a log and threw out that good old run of the mill Rainbow Power Bait that got me trounced during the challenge, and before I could rig up a second rod, I had a small Rainbow on. I was glad I was able to release him because he was just a little guy about 8" long. Got the rod out again and before I could get the second one out, I had another 11" Rainbow. Finally got both rods out and was able to land an additional 4 Rainbows in the 8"to 11" range. The "neighbor" next to me had to come over and see what I was using. He hadn't caught anything. We yaked for a while and he went back to his rig, just in time to pull in his first fish. Guess he was concentrating too hard on trying to catch fish.

Thought you might enjoy this. I took it while I was sitting comtemplating catching a really big Rainbow. Nice way to get around Caples.

Then these started to show up. They are usually accompanied by: Thunder, Lightning, Rain, and Hail, which, by the way, we were told, by the weather guessers, to expect. Figured it was time to pack up and head home.

Well, that's Red Lake and Caples today. Might try Bear River on Friday. My neighbor, Bob, said he'd go with, if I went. Just might do that.
Till next time, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".


  1. Sound like a great day fishing. I actually miss the serenity of lake fishing. Here in Fiji there are no lakes and very little fresh water fishing to be had. As you can see it is all or nothing in the ocean.
    Tight lines

  2. Love your posts, Shoreman. Just remembered that I fished Folsom Lake a couple of years ago - caught a few decent spotted bass. I'm off to Canada for a week chasing pike - hopefully have good posts upon my return


  3. I'm a visitor, but isn't multiple rods frowned on by the law-types? Or am I misreading either you or the law?

  4. Shoreman, I liked the post a lot. I'm sure you didn't even remember the frustration of the "dinging" after the 2nd trout. Glad you didn't let it get you down.

    Let us know how Bear River turns out.

  5. I love the photos you post. The country is so different from that of Iowa. Its good to see you had a little more luck than the other folks there!

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