Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lake Tabeaud - Pine Grove

Popped over to Lake Tabeaud (pronounced "Taboo") yesterday morning. Popping over is about 12 miles from home. I talked to my neighbors son over the weekend and asked him the secret to fishing this lake. He lives a short distance from the lake and has fished it for years. Oh, he's also caught trout too. The key is bottom bouncing a nightcrawler just below the inlet to the lake. So that's what I did since I had a dozen in the fridge. The fourth time I drifted it, a Rainbow about 10" hit. But that was it. So, on trip 4 to Lake Tabeaud, I finally caught one. If you double click on the picture, you'll see a rippling right in the center, all the way to the back. That's where the inlet is. There's a road that goes back there, I didn't have to walk.

Till next time, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".



  1. I just can't believe how beautiful it is out there. Evergreens for miles... And trout in the lakes? Oh yeah!

  2. Is there such a thing as a bad day fishing? Beautiful little lake and one fish is better than none.
    Tight lines

  3. the trick is to go up to the inlet with night crawlers and crickets n a little weight and work ur way down the river working the wholes and down the middle of the rivver i have caught my limit every time and with a fly pole use a stone fly i have pulled out 17 inchers tht way good luck