Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Slim Pickens at Bear River Reservoir

Made my usual stop a Cooks Station for coffee and proceeded up the hill to Bear River Reservoir.

The water level is dropping at a pretty good clip. It's probably 6 to 8 feet lower than when I was there on June 24th. Makes it a little harder to fish off the dam. Got there about 7:45 am and put out Gulp in Rainbow Candy on a slip sinker rig, the started throwing lures. Got a good bump on black PM, but that was about it. Did try a couple of new lures without success. The old stand by Dardevle in red and white. Nothing. A Mepps Black Fury with white spots and white dress. Got a good thump on that. The rest, PM in silver, Kastmaster in silver and gold, Little Cleo in a couple of colors, Rooster Tail, both sonic and regular produced nothing.

During all the lure time, I did land a small one on Gulp Rainbow Candy and a small one on Orange Pulp. Switched to regular PB in Rainbow and landed a small one on that also. Small being "maybe" 9".

I want to note that I took my neighbor Bob with me this morning. Bob doesn't fish, but he's good company to have along. Bob's the guy that plows my driveway (or scrapes with his tractor as the case might be) in the Winter when it snows. Bob will plow for fish. I do what I can to help.

As the summer wanes, Sunrise will be later and I will be able to get up there closer to Dawn than I do now, so my catch ratio should go up. Of course, I'll keep everyone updated.

Don't know if I mentioned "my fish to cost of license ratio" before. I keep track of the number of fish I catch versus the cost of the fishing license in the bankrupt State of California. Now I don't factor in gas, coffee, worms, and stuff like that, just the number of fish to the cost. With the three from today, the cost is 90 cents per fish. At the end of last year the cost was 39 cents per fish. Still have a ways to go this year.

That's it for today. Until next time, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day spent shoveling your driveway. Especially if yours is 900 feet, like mine is". That's why I do what I can.



  1. I wouldn't mind do some extra fishing for my neighbors too if they wanted to mow my grass or plow out the parking lot. Tee Hee!

  2. I kept track of my cost per trout last year, too. I got it down to around 25 cents each. Looks like I won't do that good this year, though.