Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cutts at Red Lake

Picked up my neighbor Bob and headed up the road to Cooks Station for coffee. Got my cup and continued on to Caples Lake for a little Power Bait fishing. Got there about 7:30 am and the parking lot by the spillway was already full. I wanted to slip in a little fishing before the wind picked up, the weather guessers said in the afternoon, while the lake was calm. I couldn't find any calm lake. The wind was whipping across the lake at, I'd guess, 100 miles per hour. OK, probably only 10 mph or so, but it seemed like 100. Put an additional egg sinker on the line and put out the PB on two rigs. I think I got one hit, but the line was whipping so bad you couldn't tell. We stayed until 9:00 and then rapped it up and decided to find some place in the lee of the wind. The whole lake seemed to be in termoil and right by the spillway it would have been like fishing in a washing machine, the water was bouncing around so much.
We drove over to the dam side and the lake was even rougher than where we were, so we continued over the pass and stopped at Red Lake. I might note that with all the wind up there too, it wasn't as green as last time I was there. Still windy, but there were lulls where you could cast out pretty well. I set out a slip sinker rig with PB and started casting with a silver Kastmaster. Got a bump or two, but no hookups. Changed to gold and same thing. A bump or two, but no hookups. Tried PM in gold & silver, Little Cleo in gold, silver, and burgandy/bronze to no avail.
I asked Bob if he was getting any pictures and he said "I'm waiting for you to catch a fish". Amd here I thought about making Bob the official blog photographer. I'll just have to make him the unofficial photographer, since he only goes with me once in a while. The last time I was up there with Mark & Rich on June 24th, I caught my first Cutthroat Trout. Well, I figured that if the yellow Rooster Tail worked then, I'd give it a try today. Second cast out, I hooked the one on the left (12"). Couple of casts later, I hooked the one on the right (9"). Couple of casts later I hooked the one in the middle (14"). Mean while, Bob is snapping away. The nothing. After a dozen or so casts, I took a look at the lure and the last one pretty much destroyed it. But, I had one in my gear bag just like it. Off I went over the dam, to the truck, and got the new one. Did they like the new, HELL NO. Didn't get another bump on anything for the next hour so we rapped it up at 11:00 and called it a day.
I'll post the pictures from Bob on the next post. Till then remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".


  1. Wind sure does play havoc when a guy is trying to get some fishing in! Gentle breeze is alright, but, windy wind is another story. Some good looking Cutthroats there. Does the lake hold a good population of Cutthroats, or, are there Rainbows on board too? Just curious.

  2. Hey Mel. This lake is famous for it's Brookies, but has a good population of Lahontan Cutthroats and some say Rainbow, although I've not seen any caught there.

  3. Very nice fish there sir. Think I might be able to head up there with you next week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. How've ya been Shoreman? I finally put up some pictures of the near miss for a State Record Pumpkinseed.

    I am heading up to Northern Michigan in a few weeks so I may go for some trout myself. Depends on timing and where I end up at. I will update of course.

    Good to see your keeping the lines tight and wet. Remeber, you don't go fishing, you go catching.