Thursday, August 20, 2009

Me and Roy

Yup, we made it to Caples. We stopped to get coffee at Cooks Station and up the hill we went. Roy is learning about the superstition of a cup at Cooks. One of the things I had Roy do was put new line on his rods after his line broke a couple of times last week. We got settled on the sandy side of the spillway and put out 3 lines (he had one, I had two) with plain old run of the mill Rainbow Power Bait on them. Seemed we were in an area that had a lot of rocks in the water. I lost 4 or 5 rigs and Roy lost 3 or 4. He would have lost more except for the new line. We did manage to catch 6 trout during that time. Because of all the rocks, we packed up an moved down the lake about 100 yards to an area that looked a bit better. We had 6, but 6 does not make a limit for both per the coffee superstition.

So at the new place we put out our three rigs and managed to catch 6 more then the bite just stopped. We sat on rocks with numb butts and waited. Out of the 12 we caught we were able to release 6 of the smaller ones, so at this point we each had 3 per stringer. Over the next hour or so, we managed to land 2 more and now we had 4 per stringer. Still needed one more each for our limits. We count the ones released, but wanted to bring home 5 each. By then, it was pushing 11:00 am and we couldn't get a bite to save our lives. We sat and sat and sat and boy was my butt numb by then. Lunch time was looming.

I reeled in both lines and put one down and went to the tackle box for something different. What could be more different from plain old Rainbow Power Bait than Gulp Trout Dough in Rainbow Candy. Ah, what the hell, I put some on my hook and out it went. I hooked up before the sinker hit the bottom and pulled one in. I re-baited and cast out and before it hit the bottom, another one was on the line, so I handed the pole to Roy and our limits were achieved. Amazed me that the fish wouldn't touch one and killed the other. Go figure. Remember the challenge?

On our way back to the truck, I again asked several fishermen if they were catching anything, and the general answer was no, or one, or maybe two. True to my blog, I let them all know what bait we were using and what my rig was. So I hope I helped them, although I ran into Ray, whom I met last week, he's from Pine Grove which is almost a neighbor, and he was using the rig with Fluorocarbon leader and was not catching many. Could it just be attitude? Who knows.

Just a small hint of what to look to in the future. I have two words for you. Fly Fishing.

Till next time, remember: "A bad day fishing could be better if your butt wasn't numb".



  1. Hey Shoreman, good times!
    I took my son and a buddy out to Caples on Wednesday. We took the Portabote, launched from the boat ramp, and headed along the northeastern shoreline, trolling earthworms behind dodgers. Three limits for the three of us from 9am to 1am. All bows, no brownies this time. Personally, I wish we could have released more, but most were bleeders. I'm probably going to switch to barbless hooks next time I'm out there. -Dave

  2. Cold butt or not, not a bad day fishing by the sound of it. Sometimes i miss bait fishing for trout.
    Tight lines

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