Friday, August 28, 2009

This has nothing to do with fishing

I just wanted to pass along that I've been watching the Little League World Series on ESPN & ESPN2 for the last couple of weeks. Mostly because the team from California (Chula Vista, about 20 miles south of San Diego) is in the Championship game tomorrow. Last night was the Semi-Final game vs. Georgia. Score went from 1-0 Georgia to 5-1 California, to 10-5 Georgia, to 10-10 at the bottom of the 6th (that's all they play) inning. California had the bases loaded with no outs and scored the winning run on a wild pitch. Incredible game, in fact, all the games have been good.

If you're a baseball fan of any kind, you should watch these games. This is pure baseball. The Championship for both International and US teams is tomorrow and the winners will meet for the true Little League World Series on Sunday. The US Championship is a rematch of the game played on August 25th where San Antonio, Texas beat Chula Vista 6 to 3. Should be an exciting game.

Hope you watch.

Mark (Shoreman)

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