Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still can't Fish

While I'm sitting here bored out of my gourd, with my brand new fly rod, reel, waders, boots, and assorted accessories sitting on the desk gathering dust, I thought I'd share a couple of wildlife shots I took this morning while I was watering the garden. Now keep in mind that I'm not as good with a camera as a lot of you are, but I try.
This little frog, sitting in a Zucchini Flower. Such a little frog, such a big voice.

Praying Mantis on the Zucchini leaves.

I mean, it could have been Mountain Lions (I do have a picture of one in my front yard), Turkeys (the old male showing his stuff), Bobcat (he's walking down the driveway), or the 6-point buck in the front yard, but I'm sure you've all seen those types of pictures before. Thought I'd throw something out there that was a little different.
Till next time, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than no fishing at all". I'm still sitting at home.


  1. Don't feel that you need to post "big ticket" type photos to keep a reader like me coming back.

    Consider this - the fish are growing bigger as you are taking a break. They'll be there waiting. Get well soon!

  2. Thanks Owl. After thinking about this a while, sounded more like whining than anything else. I like bigger fish........

  3. I LOVE the yard pics - I have archived photos of our flowers and "yard critters" like mantis' for years. All pics are good.

    You'll be out and bothering the trout soon!


  4. Hang in there - you'll be getting after them again soon enough.

  5. Actually, I enjoy your photo's, Shoreman! I would rather see something different or unique than just another fish caught. Hoping you feel better soon. Don't let those trout get too confident.

  6. If we can't fish then we write about it, talk about it, dream about it, or go shopping for it.
    Tight lines