Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday at Bear River Reservoir

I know I should be practicing fly fishing, but after three days in the attic putting up new ceiling fans, I needed a break. No, the fans weren't in the attic, the electric boxes needed to be changed to accomodate a larger size base for the new fans. OK, a lot of you have been in the attic before and know that it's generally filled with fiberglass insulation. Dusty, itchy, and of course, not how you planned it. I have a formula for remodeling. Take the time you figure it's going to take, double it, and then multiply by 3. That works for both time and cost. My plan was to whip up the two fans on Monday. You can figure the rest.

So, today I decided to take a run to Bear River Reservoir and just sit and fish. Turned out nobody was there when I arrived. It was calm, quiet, and warm. I put out a rod with Rainbow Power Bait and fished the other with a silver Kastmaster. Caught 3 that I was able to release on the Kastmaster and one on a silver Panther Martin. Caught one of Rainbow Power Bait and decided all I wanted to do is just sit. So I put out the other rod with Gulp Orange Pulp and plugged in my MP3 with an audio book, sipped my coffee, and vegged. I ended up landing 5 more on both Gulp and Power Bait and brought 3 chubby ones home. The rest I released. Ten total for the morning. I only had to walk about 15 feet from my truck. A perfect morning.

Thirteen days until we leave for Oregon. Can't wait. I should be able to get in a couple more days of fly fishing practice before we leave. Want to be ready. OH, went to a local fly shop and picked up 10 Steelhead flys. They are supposed to provide lures when I get up there, but you can't be too prepared. Besides, the Steelhead run in the American River is just starting and I'll be hitting that when I get back, or maybe before, who knows.

Until next time, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".



  1. I admit it! There is a part of me that really misses that style of fishing. Just kicking back an letting your eyes close and kind of find peace in between fish pulling on my string. Good job, Mark.

  2. I could use a relaxing fishing experience like this. Good luck out in Oregon--make sure you snap a few pics for us!

  3. Can you recommend any good spots to fish on Bear River Resevoir? My wife and I are headed there to just sit, fish and relax on Oct. 11. My email is if you get a chance...thanks! Brent