Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today at Red Lake & Caples

Met Rich and his Son Mark at Red lake at 8:00 am for a little Brookie fishing. On the trip up, the thing that struck me as odd, there were cars parked every where along Highway 88. When I got to Red Lake, the same thing. there were cars parked every where and no one in sight. When Rich and Mark got there I asked Rich if he'd seen the cars and he said yeh, probably deer hunters. Aah, Deer Season is open. That might explain why the flowers on the front porch aren't getting eaten any longer.

Ok, so I won't go into all the gory details about what and where. Kastmasters and Little Cleos did the job. We caught six, kept 3. Packed up and went to Caples about 10:30. Settled at the dead tree and put our lines out. Again, I won't go into all the gory details. Kastmasters and Rainbow Power Bait did it. We stopped counting, but we caught a bunch. Some where in the area of 20 or so. Most were catch and release, but I did bring home 4 for my neighbor Bob (I plow for fish). Have to keep him supplied so I get my driveway plowed when it snows this winter. I left at 1:30 pm and Rich and Mark were still hard at it.

A really nice day. The lake was calm (unusual for Caples) and it was warm. Good friends and lots of fish. Still need to get in some more practice fly fishing before Oregon. Thinking about maybe doing a little steelhead fishing on the American River next week. Notice I said fishing, not catching. Probably will just be practice.

Till next time, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".



  1. Good thinking to keep the neighbor supplied. Shoveling snow by plow or hand is not my favorite thing to do.

    Fishing with friends is always fun, and, the catching makes it a great day.

  2. "Born to fish..force to work!.."...he2... Happy fishing to my good friend ! from..mizlan Malaysia Snakehead hunter

  3. Paying off the neighbor with a few fish is brilliant. You get to catch them he gets to eat them. It works.
    Tight lines

  4. If only you could arrange it so he plows your drive in the winter so you keep him supplied with fish.

  5. Just stopping by to say hi. Thanks for making me aware of it! -Rick

  6. Thanks guys.
    Clif, That is the deal with Bob. I supply him with fish and he plows my driveway (all 900 ft) when it snows. A good tradeoff.
    Rick (Fly Monkey), thanks for stopping by. Good to have you on board.