Sunday, October 25, 2009

American River - Friday & Today

I had a doctor appointment on Friday, so I took some time to wander over to the American and ply my Steelhead Fishing skills. What skills? I went to the Harrington Access where I fished Shad in June and gave it a shot. I fished one riffle without any results, but I feel that since I got two bumps in the second riffle (I think it was the same fish because it was two casts in a row), the day was a success. I used a fly I got from the guys over at American Fly Fishing Company, before I went to Oregon. Since I just got the 2009 Cabela's Fly Fishing Catalogue (Man, they know how to get to a guy) I found a fly called Moe Egg-Sucking Leech in black that looks like the one I have except mine has an orange fuzzy on the front instead of an orange bead. With this fly fishing thing, please don't expect me to remember all the names for all the flys I have. As it is, my head is spinning just looking at what I have and trying to figure out what to do with them.

Today, I met Rich at El Manto access for a little Striper fishing. Back on the 6th, Rich sent me a bunch of pictures of his Son, Mark, and the Stripers he caught the previous evening. Our plan was to meet at 0700-0730 at a pre-determined place. I got there and Rich wasn't there yet, so I tied on a Rattle Trap in Silver Shad color and started slinging it out. Three quarters of an ounce and it sailed most of the way across the river. I'm not sure how many casts, but on one, I got a follow up by a Striper about 24". OK, that's cool. Kept heaving it out and shortly there after, I got a follow up from a fish that was so big, HOW BIG WAS IT?, I started hearing the Jaws theme in my head. This thing must have been 36" if it was an inch. I stood there thinking, What would I do if I hooked something that big? I was fishing with my 7' Ugly Stik and 120 yards of 10 pound test line. That thing had to go 30 - 40 pounds. Would have been one hell of a fight.

After that heart stopping fish moment, Rich popped over the hill. We set up with Sardines on a 4 oz pyramid slip sinker rig and out it went. I had some bumps, Rich had some bumps and that was about it. I fished a little with Steelhead flys and some more with lures, but no results. Rich, on the other hand, threw a Sardine in his Crawfish trap and is having Crawfish for dinner tonight.

Steelhead are just beginning in the American, so there'll be more times down there. The best time, from what I understand, is December, January, and February. If I can stand the 26 & 21 degrees on the Deschutes, I shouldn't have any trouble with a Sacramento Winter on the American.

Till next time.



  1. Is the river wadable, or, are you pretty much confined to a shore bank? Anyone use a boat? I think I would have had a "Fred Sanford" moment if I would have hooked that big guy. You know, "grab the heart and say Elizabeth I'm coming to see ya".

  2. Mark - I love the stripers out your way. Usually they get the best of me, but I keep trying. I try to get out to the Delta every year between Thankgiving and Cristmas for a largemouth / striper day. If I figure out a time to do it this year, I'll let you know in advance - I'd love to meet you and swap stories.


  3. Mel, There are a lot of places to wade the river. that's what I did on Friday. However today, we were at an area where it was 10 feet deep right off the shore.
    Wolfy, If you can make it out here, that would be great. I'll buy breakfast, lunch, dinner. You name it. Maybe we could get some fishing time together.


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