Monday, October 12, 2009

Oregon Trip Day 1

We left beautiful Volcano about 8:00am. Drove our little hearts out and arrived in Bend, Oregon at 5:30pm. Got a room at Shilo Inn with a room right on the Deschutes River. Although this wasn't where our destination was, it gave me a good look at the river. The plan was to drift boat for Steelhead. Based on what I saw, they were going to have a hard time getting a boat on this river. I could practically spit across the river. Even though the river was small, I did see fish rising and surface feeding. A good sign. Had dinner, called it a night. Maupin, Oregon was a mere 100 miles away.

That's it for day 1. Day 2, next post.


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  1. Sounds rustic! Can't wait to see pictures of the cabin. Have a good time.