Monday, October 12, 2009

Oregon Trip Day 2

Up and at them, later in the morning. Couldn't check in until afternoon, so didn't rush. On a personal note, the last 40 or so miles to Maupin were pretty boring. Flat high desert, nothing much to look at, and had us wondering if there was actually a river anywhere near where we were. We finally dropped into this valley and low and behold the Deschutes River finally showed up. Let me tell you, it was a lot larger than it was at Bend. A lot larger. Actually it was really big.

Right after we hit the bottom of the hill, we turned into the Oasis River Resort. Checked in and got the key to our "Cabin". OK, ready for this? The "Cabin" was 12 x 16. My work shop is
12 x 16. It had a king size bed, small fridge with a microwave on it, a bathroom with a shower that was 24" x 24" and a rod to hang clothes on that was 24" long. That was it and from what I found out later in the weekend, ours was the luxury cabin. Don't know how we got lucky, but after seeing some of the others, glad we did.

On a positive note, the cabins were built to house the railroad workers that built the railroad that runs parallel to the river. After the railroad was completed, the "cabins" were moved, in approximately 1915, to the current location and called the Williams Camp Cabins. The current Cafe was originally a gas station and small grocery. The cafe, cabins, and the building that the women were quilting in, are now known as the Oasis River Resort.

The wife got set up with the other women who were there quilting and I checked in with the guide (and owner). Since I wasn't scheduled to to fish until the next morning, I took a ride up and down the river to see what it looked like. I've got pictures and will post them when I get back home on Thursday or Friday. To much trouble to download to this laptop.

That's pretty much it for day 2. Drift boat fishing for Steelhead starting Saturday (Day 3).

Till the next post.



  1. Hopefully the fishing will be what you remember most from your vacation and some of the scenery to boot. Sleeping quarters don't make the memory book.

  2. Anxiously awaiting your report on the fishing!!

    "Living life through the blogs of Friends"