Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oregon Trip Pictures, Day 1 - 3

First thing, I wanted to thank everyone for your support. Second, I wanted to catch up on the pictures, now that we're home, from the first 3 days.

From a distance, driving by, Mount Shasta. I wanted to get a shot from the back side, which was a better profile, but thought I'd wait until the trip back. More on that later

Next, the "Cabin". Inside & out. Front to back, back to front.

The Native Americans (politically correct) fishing for Steelhead on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation access to the Deschutes River. Note the safety belts they are wearing. Also the picture on the right is the water they are netting in. From what I saw, they stick this huge net in the water and, I guess, they can tell when a fish gets caught in it.

This was the one I saw caught during the 10 minutes or so that I was watching. Looked like it could have been 36" or bigger. Double click for a better view.

Finally a couple of river pictures on the way back to the "Cabin".

That's it for this post. Next is Day 4


  1. Great pictures. I just love Northern Cali and Oregon. When I was a kid we used to travel to Shasta and visit with some Native American friends and hear stories of how big foot lived in the lava tubes around the base of Shasta. Wonderful country.
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