Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last summer I had the chance to get some Thermals from a company called The Sock Site. I listed it at the left side of the blog under the link named Outdoor Clothing.

I didn't have a chance to try them until this trip. I wore them on Saturday (26 degrees) and I was toasty all day. On Sunday (21 degrees) I purposely didn't wear them and I was much colder. So, I would recommend them if you need some warm "Unders". I got the Duofold model 620A (top) and 620B (bottoms). Not expensive, but warm. They're a blend of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. Very comfortable.

I plan on using them when ever it's cold out here, and it's coming.

Till next time, remember: "A bad day fishing is worse if you're not warm".



  1. Shoreman, I have the exact opposite. I need clothes to keep me cool.
    Tight lines

  2. I had that site ask me if I would put a link to their site on my blog. Wasn't sure about it being that I was new to all this. Must be legit!