Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slow Day at the Trout Pond

With the storm coming tomorrow and the expectations that the snow level would 4000', I decided to drive into Jackson to fill the gas cans that I use for the generator. We live at 3200', but when you have a storm that comes out of the Gulf of Alaska, like this one, you just never know how far the snow will drop. Best to be prepared in case we lose electricity.

Since I would be half way to the Camanche Trout Pond, I figured I might as well go over and drown a couple of worms. Got there around 0800 and put out a crawler on a slip bobber rig, just to see what would happen. An experiment, if you will. Nothing happened. Changed to a slip sinker rig, that worked so well the last time, and put out some Rainbow Power Bait. While I was changing my other pole to lures, I got a hit on the PB. Reeled in a nice 13" Rainbow and was able to release him. Put the PB back out and casted the usual cache of lures with no results. Decided to switch the second rod to PB and sat, taking in the nice sunny day.

About 1100 I reeled in one line and put fresh PB on the line and casted. The trout hit it as it was sinking which surprised me since there hadn't been any action for quite a while. Brought him in and turned out to be a beautiful 19" Rainbow with nice pink coloring on the side. I was able to release this one too, for another day.

But that was it. Wrapped it up at Noon and resumed my quest for gasoline for the generator. All in all, not a bad morning and the reports I've been getting about the pond seemed to be right on track. I'll ride out the storm and wait for the American to calm down next week, then take a ride and see if I can't catch one of those elusive Steelhead.

Till next time, remember: "A bad day fishing is better than any day at work".

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. A couple of trout sounds pretty good to me these days, Mark. Nice job.

    "A bad day fishing ..."


  2. Can't beat a couple of trout for a November morning of fishing. Especially that 19" trout! Well done, Shoreman.