Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Trout 2010

Arrived at the Camanche Trout Pond at 0830. Inquired at the check-in gate if any plants since the 3rd week of December and was told, there hasn't been any. Set up one rod with a white power worm, chartreuse power egg, and white power egg combo. Hooked on a gold Kastmaster on the other and started casting.

A lot of casting (is this Steelhead country?) and only one fish (better than Steelhead country).
Up until Christmas, I had a "manual" scale that didn't work very well. Once before I weighted a trout for Rich that was easily 5 to 6 lbs and the scale registered 1 1/2 lbs. My Son Ken, got me a Berkley Digital scale for Christmas. So I hooked up this one (picture below) and it came in at a nice 1 lb 4 oz. Since it was the only one I caught today, I gave it to the gentleman next to me, who had already managed to get two, so it would add to his dinner.

Please disregard the crappy photo. I was on my way out and just did a quick snap for posterity. Oh yeh, the power worm, power egg thing. Nada. I guess you figured that out since I had only caught one and it was on the Kastmaster. Duh!

So, the year begins. January 6th and the first Trout is on the record. Better than last year. It was April 16th before I caught the first one. On my "Fish to cost of license ratio" spreadsheet, this one cost $60.65 (License + assorted stamps). I have a ways to go.

Wanted to make one note about the float tube. I'm waiting for the sun to shine. Both times I've been out, it's been foggy, overcast, and cold. How about a little warmth? I know, I know, you guys back East are freezing your butts off. I sympathize completely.

Till the next adventure.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Congrats on the first of many for 2010.

  2. congrats my friend, nice trout,aim going hunting thees weekend, weight for the pics next week in my blog.

  3. Nice way to start the new year.
    Tight lines

  4. Your one better than me, Mark, at this point. I am trying to get out on the lake for some ice fishing, but, the wind in my area along with temps are just unreal right now. May have to look into that Berkley digital scale.

  5. You're right brother, it's freezing out here. Nice fish. Doesn't matter how many you got, I'm sure it was a great time. However, getting that first one of the year on the books is always good. I'm not there yet.