Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday on the American

I had to go to Sacramento to get the truck worked on so I used that as a reason to wander over to the American River and soak a few flys. I'm still in pursuit of that first Steelhead and today was no different than the others. I swung flys, eggs, and an egg sucking leech and couldn't get a bump. I fished the same stretch that I was on Sunday and didn't even see a fish this time. The count now is Steelhead about 10 or so, Shoreman zip.

On a lighter note, I just caught up on the blogs from today. I have to commend those back in the Mid-West that are out there fishing in 13 degrees up to the mid-30's. I don't mind fishing in the cold, but 13? Makes one glad to live in California. I'll never complain about the snow and cold again. Hardy folks those Mid-Westerners. Oh yeh, and they're catching fish too.

I'm not sure if I'll get another day in this week and we are expecting rain (Shoreman doesn't do rain) starting Saturday Night and so far, they are saying through Thursday (that's as far out as they will go). Not that we don't need the water, but I'd rather be fishing.

Till the next time, went the rain quits.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. You know, Mark, the fresh rain might bring in the motherlode of fresh steelhead!!

    Hope springs eternal


  2. I've been cooped up long enough to consider a trip Saturday.

    Hope spring's punctual

  3. I just commented on another blog about the weather in the midwest and how even getting out to fish is far braver than anything I would do. I to am a rather fair weather fisherman.
    Tight lines

  4. Shoreman, keep talking in 3rd person. Really get a good laugh in the morning over my cup o' joe in hand:)

  5. I went fishing day before yesterday out of desperation really. I froze. It was in the mid-thirties and I froze. Wind coming over the water didn't help the warmth levels.
    Keep trying for the steelie! I'm officially putting you in my nightly fish prayers =)