Friday, February 19, 2010

The Big & Little of it

On Wednesday, I drove over to Lake Tabeaud (Taboo) to try the Power Worm thing that worked so well at the Trout Pond on Monday. I figured that I'd start at the inlet and fish out toward the open lake. There was so much slime (the only way I can describe it) on the rocks and dirt that I slipped going down and almost, I repeat almost, went into the lake. Enough said.
Since my left knee was one of the casualities of Wednesday and my back was the other, I decided to fish the Trout Pond today from the bank instead of the float tube. Hard to flipper when your knee went South on you. Set up the slip sinker rig with Rainbow Power Bait (I don't know why, since the trout have not been biting on any bait lately). Rigged up the other rod with a clear bobber full of water and an orange Power Worm. A dozen casts or so later, I hooked a 12", 9 oz (courtesy of my Berkley Digital Scale). The smallest fish that I've caught since going to the pond.
Fished a while longer with orange, changed to chartreuse, then white and nothing further. Tried all the colors of Kastmaster, black & yellow Panther Martin's, Firetiger Little Cleo, and even a white Mepps. I was not getting any cooperation. Finally I decided to try a Firetiger (F09FT) Rapala. That was the trick. On the 6th or so cast, landed an 18" 2 lb 12 oz fish. Couple of casts later, got a big bump, but didn't hook up. After that, the rest of the day was quiet.
Added a picture of the Big & Little of it below.
My neighbors down the street are having a nice trout dinner tonight courtesy of the Trout Pond.
Lot of surface action, but no interest in lures. Would have liked to be in the float tube. Probably could have done a little better. Next time.
Till the next adventure.
Mark (Shoreman)


  1. They can't all be big ones, but one of them certainly is! Nice catch, Mark


  2. Those darn Rapala's always seem to get some attention. Get that knee to feeling better so you don't have to be worried about where to fish.

  3. Mark, you say the trout are'nt biting anything, yet everytime I show up, you got fish. Those rapalas are very good, but don't cost about 6 bucks now? I have a few from the 60's with $1.50 on the box.thanks for checking my photos this week.

  4. Nice rainbow, It was a shame that you lost the biggest catch of the day. Those big fish usually have lots of trick, and strength.

    Congratularions for your blog, here you have a nwe follower