Saturday, February 6, 2010

OBS Challenge

I was just over on Joe's site (Flowing Waters) and thought it was my turn to take up the challenge. Get people outside and enjoy the outdoors.

We the mountain people of Northern California spend a good deal of time in the outdoors. You know, raking Pine needles, burning Pine needles, cutting firewood, and stuff like that, but I don't think that counts. I try to get my neighbor Bob, you know him from previous posts, out with me as his time permits. Lately it's been too wet and cold to drag him to the lake, but Summer is coming. I also try to get my other neighbor, Roy out, when he's upcountry.

That brings me to my son, grandson, and daughter-in-law. I try to get my son and grandson out as much as possible, but my son is in that mode where he doesn't stop and smell the roses, he grabs one and smells it on the way. I used to be that way, you know the "Cats in the cradle thing". This past Christmas, the presents that son & daughter-in-law got, were fishing licenses. A step in the direction to get them out more. A father can only nag so much though.

Joe also mentioned getting out to other groups in blogdom. Well, I got a rather nice surprise on my post about Lake Amador on February 3rd. There was a comment from Mohammed in Iran. He said he doesn't fish, but after reading my blog, it peaked his interest. If he does decide to take up fishing, not only has the OBS challenge been fulfilled, but I feel I've made a very small step in International relations.

So there it is. Who's next?

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Isn't it cool when our blog posts erach across the world??? I'm still amazed everyday that happens.

    I LOVE the Christmas presents, by the way.

    Nice post, Mark


  2. Saw that comment by Mohammed the other day. At first thought it was spam, but re-read it a second later and seemed legit. Pretty cool that your blog has had a positive effect on someone halfway across the world, huh?

  3. Looking across the community of fellow bloggers whose sites we frequent, I believe that we are doing what we can. Has to start with the kids, I know that. Mine seem to be sort of shrugging off my attempts, but every now and then they come around!

  4. First of all, thanks for sharing your love of the outdoors and all your adventures in Northern Calfornia. It is about getting the word out to others rather you are an outdoor blogger, or in some way impacting other individuals with your message. Getting the kids out, your elderly neighbors, or just a newcomer to the water or field. I read your posts all the time and know that you are strong advocate for getting folks outdoors!