Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Steelhead and Idiot Fishermen

Last weekend I stopped by the American Fly Fishing Company and picked up a couple of new Steelhead Flies. Planned to drive down to the American River and try them out yesterday, but circumstances beyond my control didn't allow me to do so. Today, circumstances didn't stop me going. The circumstances came once I got to the river.

To start with, it was raining when I got there. You know me and rain. Not hard, mind you, but raining none the less. Got wadered up, vest on, and rod in hand when I discovered I couldn't find my Steelhead card. Usually keep it in my vest. Went through the pockets 3 times, bags, tackle boxes (yes I have multiple tackle boxes) and the only thing I could think was I lost it, or for some unknown reason, left it at home. Can't fish without it. Game Wardens have no sense of humor about those things.

So, what does one do? Run to K-Mart (closest) and buy another. Small cost of $6.30. Cheaper than running an hour and a half home and back. Did K-Mart have one, nope. How about Walmart (next closest), nope. All the way to Fishermans Warehouse before I could get one. By this time the "not hard" raining turned into pouring. It was also getting on to 10:00 am. Two hours wasted. Got back to the river, low and behold, it stopped raining. Wadered up, got my vest on, grabbed my pole and off to the river I went. Oh, I put the Steelhead card in with my fishing license this time.

Picked a riffle I had previously fished back when I met Rick & Ted and ran through it with a Freight Train fly. No bumps. Walked back up stream and ran through the riffle with a purple egg sucking leach. This is where the Idiot fisherman comes in. I'm fishing a stretch about 100 yards long, standing in the river, swinging my fly on about a 40 foot swing and this Idiot walks down to the river, sets his chair down about half way through my swing area and proceeds to cast his lure across my line. Oh, did I mention his dog jumped in the river? No, this is not the same guy I ran into earlier in the year. Two Idiots on the same river, go figure.

Pissed as I was, I reeled in and started back up the hill. As I walked by him, he says "Catch anything?" I replied, "No, but any chance I had of catching anything just went out the window". As I walk away, he said something I didn't hear and I turned and said "What?" He said, "You own the river?" I said, "No, I don't, but you don't fish over someone like you just did. You need to take a class on fishing etiquette". He was still mumbling something when I got out of hearing range. You'll would be proud of me, I didn't smack him, but I came really, really close.

After that, there was no going back to the river. The only thing going, was the steam coming out of my ears. I also didn't find the Steelhead card when I got home. Must have dropped it somewhere or maybe it'll turn up later.

Well, that's it for Tuesday.

Till the next time, remember: Ron White says, "You can't fix stupid. Stupid is forever".

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. My buddy in CO says that he's buying a handheld gun this year to ward off those dogs with stupid owners who let their dogs run wild while they fish. He would get a good amen out of your blog.

  2. I have tried many times to imagine what jerks like this are thinking. But I always hit a wall before I find an answer. Those people just weren't raised right.

    Better luck next time and stay off the rap sheet.

  3. Mark - Thanks for checking out a Freight Train pattern. I still think it will nail a Steelhead for you. Too bad that the "Idiot Factor" played a significant part in your memory of this day. Maybe an errant back cast would have gotten his attention!

  4. Momma always said, "stupid is as stupid does". You have a lot of control. Me, I would have not only smacked him but he would be casting from his ass. Luckily there is always tomorrow when you can run into him again and teach him the finer points of fishing etiquette.
    Tight lines

  5. Good show of self restraint, Mark.

    Inconsiderate people, especially in a hunting/ fishing situation, are mind-boggling to me.