Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Windy and the Bobbing Float Tube

Yesterday, I drove down to Sacramento to meet my son for breakfast. I was unable to get a hold of him when I got down, and finally found out he was on his way to San Francisco. That took care of breakfast. Instead, I went to Kiene's Fly Shop and picked up a dozen J Fair's Wiggle Tail flys in a couple of sizes. I had planned to go to the pond today and wanted to have some on hand, since they worked so well the last time.

Got to the pond at 0845 and geared up and put to "sea" at 0900. I was the only one on the pond. A definate first. Put on one of the Wiggle Tails in size about 12. I failed to look at the sizes when I was at the shop, so this is only a guess. Unlike the other day, the trout showed no interest in the Wiggle Tail what so ever.

When all else fails, put on a black Wooly Bugger. Yup, that was the one they wanted. Managed a couple of bumps and landed one about a pound. Shortly there after, they became disinterested in that one too. About then, Bob (I'll call him pontoon Bob, not I plow for fish, Bob) showed up and commenced to catch fish left and right, as he always seems to do. His fly of choice this morning was an olive green Wooly Bugger. Ok, I've got them too, so I put one on and, yup hooked up right away and landed one, again, about a pound. After that I had a bunch of bumps, but couldn't get them to take the hook. In fact, I had one that hit the bugger time after time and still couldn't hook him. I don't think I need more practice do I? Do trout take instructions on how to nab a fly?

At 1230 I got winded off the pond. When your float tube starts bobbing up and down on the waves, it's time to call it a day. Besides, you could only cast in one direction. OK, with the wind. When I got back to shore, there was a young boy fishing with his dad on the dock. We got into a dicussion about why I didn't keep the two I caught. I told him, if you don't keep them, you don't have to clean them. Works for me. Too hard to explain catch and release to some one that young. Then I mentioned that I heard of one caught at the pond that was 16 pounds. He said his dad caught one that big this morning. So when I got packed up, I wandered over to see the 16 pounder. Took my Berkley Digital Scale just in case. On the way, he admitted that maybe it wasn't quite that big, but big none the less. We pulled it up and hung it on the scale and it topped out at 6 lbs 12 ozs. Not bad for shore fishing with Power Bait.

Well, that's it for Wednesday. The weather guessers said it wasn't supposed to be windy today. What a job, being wrong most of the time and still getting paid for it. Rain tonight and possible snow. What the hell happened to spring. Oh yeh, still no flowers on the Dogwood.

Till next time.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. I like your reasoning for not keeping all the fish. Sometime I get tired of explaining why I let them go. I usually tell people, if I kept all the fish I caught there would be nothing left for them.
    Tight lines

  2. Kind of why float tubing is so addicting. Usually some action to be had. You just have to keep trying a few of your favorite patterns and colors till you get it right. Why are fish so finicky? The young man qualifies as a fisherman when a (16) pounder ends up being a (6) pounder! Still a nice fish, though.

  3. Don't get discouraged I can tell you of times when fish wanted one color over another just to change half wat through the day,or rubber legs verus none thats what makes it fun trying to match wits with what they call a lower life form sometimes I feal like the lower life form after a day on the water,Tight lines.