Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Float Tube Exercise

What else do you get when you can't catch fish? We actually had a day of sunshine today and I tossed a coin to decide where to fish. Heads, the trout pond. Tails, Rancho Seco Lake. Tails won. Got out to the lake at 0830. Figured I catch something and I could tell Mike at American Fly Fishing that I did, because the last time he was out at Rancho Seco he got skunked. Geared up and started flippering around. Up and back. Across and back. Up again. Across, again. Didn't see anything that looked like a fish. Now keep in mind, they had a tournament at this lake a few weeks back and the DFG has stocked it several times since. Doesn't pay to be cocky.

I fished just about everything I had in my fly boxes and nary a bump. I even took a shot with one I got from Wolfy that looked like an orange Muddler Minnow. Thanks, Joe.

So all I got for my troubles was a bunch of exercise. That's OK, I'll be seeing my doctor for my regular 6 month visit on the 15th. I can tell him I AM getting exercise. I know he's going to ask, always does.

So maybe Friday, I'll wander down to the trout pond and see what biting there. Supposed to be sunny then, too.

Till next time.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Hi Mark- we subscribed to your blog recently and have enjoyed reading it. In fact you inspired us to start a blog too. When you talk about the 'trout pond' where are you talking about. Thought maybe William B. Pond but wasn't sure.

  2. Maybe no fish, but not snowed in either.

  3. Yes, at least there was no snow. :)

  4. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

  5. Atleast you werent the only one skunked yesterday :)

    How long did it take u to learn to fly fish?