Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fly Tying Update

As you know, I started tying my own flys. I know, because you're all my friends, that I can share the outcome with you. So, in order, here they are.
Top - Mickey Finn. If you've seen one, it's self explanitory.
2nd - Yellow Wooly Bugger. The Cutthroats seem to like yellow. An experiment in color.
3rd - I call this one the "Bumble Bee Bugger". Black & Yellow because the Cutts also like this color as I've caught several on a similar colored Mepps.
4th - Wooly Worm. Pretty much the same as Mickey Finn.
I've tied more than these 4, but these are the ones that turned out best. Practice makes perfect, so they say. Well, from what I've learned in the last week, Shoreman needs practice. Lots of practice.
Thanks for looking. I can take criticism too, I have broad shoulders.
Mark (Shoreman)


  1. I think they look good. Like the fact that you're experimenting already. Let me know how the yellow bugger works. I've fished black & olive, but not yellow. Can't wait to see what those trout think!

  2. Mark, you are coming along just fine. Your right the more you tie, the better you get. Happy hook ups, my friend!

  3. Good looking bugs, Mark! That streamer looks like it might catch some smallmouth. Any out there?

  4. I think they are exceptionally well made for some of your first flies! I'm still not sure if I can tie that well myself. I'm curious about both the yellow Wooly Bugger and the "Bumble Bee Bugger." Let us know how they work!

  5. Good ties,see you've allready taken a big step in tying experimenting with color and seeing what fish want,try the stuff called new age or speckled crystal chenille the colors are different but tye some cool looking buggers and wolly worms,keep the fur and feathers fly'n.