Monday, April 5, 2010

Here We Go Again

Just as the last few micro patches of snow from last Wednesday's 5 1/2 inches were disappearing, Mother Nature decided to grace us with another 2 inches last night. As I sit here typing away, I can look out the window and watch it snow some more. IF, and I mean if, there are any flowers on the Dogwood (I can see that tree from the same window) you couldn't see them because the tree is covered with snow. All I can say is that Punxsutawney Phil should watch out, lest he come into the cross hairs of my rifle. OK, I'm not a hunter, you know that.
Just kidding.


Yesterday was the fly tieing class. The "fly of the day" was the Wooly Bugger. A good way to start since that's the one I use most on the lake. Below is a picture of the one I tied (bottom) and one I bought (top). Mine looks a little anemic, but I think it's just because the Chenille that was supplied was medium. It could have been a bit bigger and the effect would have been nearly the same on both. I also could have put a little more Marabou on the tail, but we were tieing "blind", that meaning, we didn't have a sample to look at.

OK, so I took the plunge. Bought all the tieing stuff I need for three flies. Wooly Bugger (black & yellow), J. Fair's Wiggle Tail, and Mickey Finn. I'm planning to use the yellow Bugger and Mickey Finn for Cutts and Brookies up on Red Lake, if winter ever get's the hell out of here.

Yup, still snowing, but slower now. Oh, the joy of country living.

That's it for this post. Till next time.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. The fly looks great. Well done. You are on your way to being a fly artist.

  2. That wooly bugger looks pretty good to me! That'll be cool catching 'em on your own flies.


    FYI - the bugger looks awesome.

  4. Here in Finland all the white crap is melting down really fast, maybe in a couple of weeks I will be able to come bach for some northern pike action.

    By the way, very nice flyes, sure they will give you nice trouts.

    Thigth lines mate!!!

  5. You've taken the first step of tying looks good,don't forget flyfishing/flytying does'nt pratice catch and release,so you're hooked,good luck and tight lines,and keep the fur and feathers fly'n.