Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It Finally Happened

I bet you thought I finally caught a Steelhead. Nope, sucked you right in with that one. I wanted to share the picture below. I took it Friday afternoon. It's a shot of my driveway about mid-day. I thought it was cool.

To the title. If you double click on the next picture you'll see the Dogwood in bloom. I've been whinning about the blooms and snow on the Dogwood for weeks now.
Well, it's finally happened. As I sit here typing at 11:45 am on Wednesday 4/28/2010, the snow is on the Dogwood blooms. I'm not sure how well you can see the snow, so that's the reason for the other picture.
Now that Winter is officially over in Northern California, I can get on to the business of catching fish upcountry. That is, after the multiple feet of snow melts, and the lakes ice out, and maybe it doesn't snow any more. Who the hell knows? Sooner or later, I'll get up there. Just wanted to share this, almost end of April, and it's still snowing in Northern California.
Till next time.
Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Pretty devious blog post title, Mark.


  2. That is a very unique picture of your drive way. Kudo's to you for a job well done, Mark. Northern California and Eastern Idaho seem to be on about the same time schedule winter wise.

  3. Hi Mark,
    Wish I had such a driveway, nice photo.

  4. Got me. I was looking for a big 'ol Steelhead. Beautiful place you live in. Welcome to Spring.

  5. The pic of your driveway is cool...almost as cool as catching a Steelhead!

  6. Aw man...I thought for sure we'd be talkin' Steelhead!!!!! Very cool pic though, that's one you should frame.

  7. We need to get you up to Idaho for some steelhead. Pronto!
    I haven't seen a dogwood bloom yet around here, but I'm waiting...patiently.
    Enough with Winter like conditions, I'm ready for warmth and the sun.....

  8. You had me with the title too. I was looking for a picture of a steelhead... That is an awesome picture of your driveway though. Nice job.

    By the way, I purchased the black with yellow spots 1/32 oz Panther Martin spinner (that you recommended) a couple of weeks back and finally tried it out at that pond...

    You won't believe this, but I caught the biggest bluegill I have ever caught in my life on it tonight (by far)! You are the man! Thanks for the tip!

    Yes, I am DEAD SERIOUS! And... I didn't have the camera with me again.