Thursday, April 15, 2010

Still No Chrome

Got to the American River about 0930 after the doctor's appointment. All is well with the doctor except he is still nagging me about losing weight, but then he's been doing that since I've known him. Fished about 100 yards of the river at Harrington access. The first place I've got a bump. Used 5 different flies without so much as a nudge, but I did see something jump. It was a little down river and about this.................................big. That's OK though, there was one of those Spey casting guys across the river and he didn't catch anything either.

That's it. Don't know where I'm going from there. Rumor has it that the Shad are already on their way upstream. They usually don't hit the American until mid-May, early June. I think I'll wait until there are more of them in the river.

Till next time.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. I bet your dentist thinks you should floss more too.

  2. Hey Clif. Never a truier word spoken.


  3. A nagging doctor is better than a nagging wife. The doctor you maybe see a few times a year as where the wife you have to live with in between fishing trips.

  4. Mark question is there a differance between a nagg'n doctor and wife?"NO",They think they know whats best for us when realy all we want is fish'n and peace and quite,tight lines.

  5. I fished off the gravel bar accross from Harrington Access last evening and did not feel anything but gravel. There were 4 more spinner types on the Harrington side and 2 fly types fishing off the gravel bar, no one hooked up.