Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally an Internet Connection

Hi everybody.

Day 2 of the vacation and we finally got an Internet connection. Yesterday (Monday) we pulled out of the house at 1000, got over the hill, and stopped at Wolf Creek Restaurant in Markleeville for lunch. A place I would recommend to anyone passing through Markleeville. On the way over, passed the West Fork of the Carson River. Running high, but not flood stage by any means. A lot of people fishing at the handicapped parking area.

Passed the East Fork of the Carson on the way over Monitor Pass to Highway 395. It was running high also, but not flood stage either. Down Highway 395 past the West Fork of the Walker River. This river was at, what I'd call flood stage. No fishing here. Then on to Bridgeport and checked into the motel. The motel was on the side of a small creek about the color of rootbeer. I checked in with the local sporting goods shop and the guy there said that the creek "might" have small trout in it, but he wasn't sure. He sent me to Bridgeport Reservoir if I wanted lake fishing or the East Fork of the Walker River for fly fishing.

The East Fork of the Walker River is a dedicated Wild Fishery so artificial lure and barbless was in order. Before I left the sport shop, I asked the guy what was catching fish on the East Fork and he said Caddis was best during the day and streamers just after sunrise.

Got to the river and wadered up, rigged up my rod with floating line, and the wife and I walked to the river. I surprised when I got there that the river was only about 20 feet across and probably 2 feet deep at the deepest part. Good tailwater with a lot of fish (Rainbows & Browns) per mile. I don't have a figure, but will research when I get back.

Happened to have an Elk Hair Caddis in my dry fly box, so I crimped the hook and tossed it out. The first thing I noticed, or didn't notice was the fly. With the water being so shallow (middle if the river was mid-calf), there was a lot of white water on the surface and completely obliterated the fly. You just couldn't see it. I switched to a Marabou Streamer in black. While I was tying it on, I had another one of those idiot fishermen walk right through where I was fishing, right in the middle of the stream. You know how I feel about them. Fished about a half mile of the river with the black one, a burgandy one, olive one, and finally put on a black nosed dace, just to try. Nothing turned up anything. Fish 1, Shoreman 0.

That wrapped up day one. I have some pictures and will post them when I get home. Can't download them to the laptop. I'll put out day 2 the next time I can get a connection.

The fishing got better today. Till next time.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Thanks for the update and hope that you can get internet connections to keep us posted. Always love your fishing stories.

    Maybe because you and I are getting older, but, I don't have as much patients with idiots anymore. I wonder what he would thing of a marabou streamer for an ear ring.

  2. thanks for keeping us updated on our adventure. When vacationing, internet connections escape me at times as well. Best of luck!