Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack

Since I posted on Wednesday, I've not been able to get an Internet connection at any of the motels we stayed at, so now I'm playing catch up.

First thing I'd like to do is answer Clif's question about the cards for my blog. I decided, way back when I started this thing, that the best way to let people I meet know about the blog would be to have some type of note, card, or something to let them know where to find me. What I ended up with was Avery Business Card stock with Northern California Trout on the top, the URL in the middle, and my name on the bottom. That way I can carry (in my tackle box, truck, vest, etc) a small hand full and when I run into somebody fishing, I can say "Here, stop by my blog and check it out. Might be some help for you to catch more fish". So thats the story on the cards.

Monday afternoon was the East Fork of the Walker River where it runs out of Bridgeport Dam. Here are the pictures of up and down stream from where we where. you can see it's kind of shallow like I mentioned in the Tuesday post.

Wednesday morning we left for Bodie State Historical Park. Did I mention it's a ghost town? Here is the official landmark sign and a panorama of part of the town. I took 59 shots of the town and didn't want to download all of them. I'll stick in a few on the next bunch of posts.

Below is the reason you don't Take anything from Bodie.

The next five pictures are from Lundy Lake mentioned in the Vacation Tuesday post. Left, across, and right from where I was fishing.

First one on the left and the big one on the right.

The two below are Mono Lake on the left and the Tufa Towers on the right.

That's some of the pictures from Monday & Tuesday. I'll pick up Wednesday next post.
Till then.
Mark (Shoreman)

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