Monday, June 7, 2010

A Visit By The B-52 Moth

Since everybody in Blogdom is getting Naturefied (I don't think this is a real word, but fits), I thought I'd throw in something. This morning while I was hosing off the front deck, I noticed this huge moth sitting on the table. Since it was so big, I snapped a photo and thought I'd share it with everyone. I'm much better taking pictures when I don't leave the camera in the truck.
I did a little research and found out this moth is called the Polyphemus Moth. The Polyphemus Moth is one of our biggest moths, growing up to a 5 1/2 inch wingspan. It has brownish-yellow wings with a black and white, wavy line on each. It has a small, mostly yellow eyespot on each forewing (front wings), and larger blue, black, and yellow eyespots on the hindwings. Underneath, the moths' wings look like dead leaves.Polyphemus Moths are usually found in forests, but can also be seen in marshes and parks.
After the egg hatches, it becomes a big fat green caterpillar (Caterpillars are bright green with yellow stripes and red and silver spots. They also have a brown "v" on their rears. They grow up to 3 1/2 inches long.) which eats everything. Maybe not everything, but the list is long.
My thanks to the Fairfax County, Virginia Public Schools website for the information on the Polyphemus Moth. If you wish to see more on this HUGE moth, here is the link.
Till next time.
Mark (Shoreman or maybe Mothman)


  1. Back when I was in high school, I took a taxonomy class. Taxonomy is literally defined as the science of classification. So, one of our projects was to collect and classify bugs. I remember catching a few moths this size; and green, too.

  2. Just a question, do fish eat them? lol
    Great looking moth. We get these moths here that are called night hawks because they are so big. I will see if I can capture on and get a picture.

  3. Thanks for the post 'Mothman.' That's a pretty neat picture. My wife's first reaction when we see a moth in the house is "kill it," but they are kinda cool looking when they are sitting still.

  4. Hi Mark, This moth is very similar to another moth that is only found in the pine woods near my hometown, and only in Spain, is called "Elizabethan Graelsia" ...
    This is a photo of the insect: