Thursday, July 22, 2010

Has Shoreman Lost His Mojo????

I'm thinkin'. That's where my wife tells me I get into trouble, thinking.

I got to Red Lake at 0730 and had the Float Tube Cumberland in the lake at 0745. The outlook was fantastic. Just look at the lake.........

I flippered out to 40 feet or so and started toward that little bitty rock you see, half way down the picture. It's about a half mile away.
My plan was to flipper toward the left side of the lake since the wind (which get strong, mid-morning) would push me back to where I put in. Now remember, Red Lake is the one where most of the fish are caught within 10 or 15 feet of the shore, thus my cruising 40 feet from shore. Cruise along at 40 feet and cast toward the shore. Logic says there should be fish there. I threw everything I had and I never saw a fish or anything that looked like one. I was crushed. I had such high hopes for the Bumblebee Bugger and the Mickey Finn. Oh yeh, somebody forgot to tell somebody about the wind. It was crusin' on the way out and fighting the wind on the way back. Totally backward.
Once I got back to where I put in, I pulled the tube out, grabbed my spinning gear, and took up at my usual spot to dunk Power Bait. Hour and a half later, I packed up without a bite.
On the way back, I found an open spot at Caples Lake where the dead tree is and pulled off. Walked down to the lake and put one rod out with PB and threw every lure I had, on the other. Absolutely nothing. Hour and a half later (standard time for not catching anything) called it a day.
I might note that I didn't see anyone else catch anything either.
On the drive home, I reflected on the last three times I've been fishing. An hour drive gives you time to reflect. Go back 3 trips and I had to work (hard) for 3 at Caples. Last time (although there was a lot of yakking), nada. This time, nada. I've been faithful about getting a cup of coffee at Cook's Station and still no limits. I think Shoreman needs a fishing vacation. That is, time without fishing. I think I've lost my mojo. Maybe I'm wearing the wrong ballcap. I'll see how I feel on Monday. Take the weekend off.
Based on last years catch, I wasn't at the current count until the end of August, so maybe I just need a little rest. We'll see.
Till I can't stand it any more and head back out.
Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Mama said there'll be days like this. Not how many times you get knocked down, but if you get back up. That's why they call it fishing not catching.

    Is that enough cliches?? In other words, keep at it!

  2. I think they make a pill for that...

    Seriously, take a break, maybe a side trip to the fly shop or tackle store (only to look of course), and hit 'em hard next week. There's fishing and then there's catching. If you're not enjoying the time spent doing the former without the latter, you're probably going out too much.

    Enjoy the weekend, hope to see you recharged and ready to go next week.

  3. Fish and they will come.....
    Chin up old bean, without the lows how'd you have the highs?

  4. Great comment, Murphy.

    These are the days you'll forget about after you have the memorable days

  5. Dito's on the fishing versus catching the time fishing is made more enjoyable if you catch fish but it is only a small part of the big picture any time outdoors with the wonders of nature is a good day keep the faith & it will turn around.

  6. I totally understand what you are saying. "Even lovers need a holiday, from each other."

    You'll get the fever again, and catch lots of fish again. Keep the faith.

  7. Well at least u got out on the water! No way of catching them behind a tv or computer screen :D i keep telling my self that but i havent wet a line in 11 days, its gotta be the longest stretch of the year for me. oh well. pretty soon im gonna start hitting the rogue river hard in hopes of putting ink on my steelhead tag :D

  8. Now, now. The catching hasn't been red hot, but good enough for them dinky limits. The dead tree spot has produced well for Mark and me. There's that one only particular side where it's best dunking bait. Drifting a powerworm off a boat with a small split shot has been deadly at Caples. Off the bank, I would go with the casting bobber with the worm just barely under the surface. Just enough water to sink very slowly. Drift with the wind or reel super slow. FISH! ON! One could never fish too much. It's about the scenery. Catching is the icing. I'll be there Wednesday and most likely Friday afternoon. You know we hate getting up at dark thirty. :)