Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 More Pictures From 8/3/2010

I don't want to take any glory from Sam & Kimberly (they have their own blog, you know), so I apologize ahead of time.

Kimberly with her stringer of 8, at Red Lake. I'm thinking the name should be changed to green lake. It's the algae bloom thing.
Sam's free Beadhead Nymph (I have no idea what it is. It's an entomology thing.) from Willow Hill Reservoir in beautiful downtown Folsom. Was attached to something he caught.

Sam's new $10.00 fly rod and his Rainbow, on the East Fork of the Carson River. At least somebody can catch fish on that river.

That brings everyone up to date with photos. Going somewhere tomorrow. I'll let you know where, when I get back.
Till then.
Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Hey Mark, we barely missed each other! I was at Red (my first time!) the following day, the 4th. Between me, my son, and a friend, we had 3 limits of Brookies between 8-11am. Lots of hits / lost fish too. They were going after every kind of spoon or spinner we were throwing at them. Yes, the algae was everywhere. Prior to Red, we spent about an hour at the West Fork where I managed to hook (and my son reeled in) a nice looking Cutthroat, with a Mepps Aglia spinner. Funny thing is, our plan was to head up to Caples after Red to do some trolling, but the fishing was so good at Red that we decided to skip it altogether! A great day.