Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bigfoot Invasion?

I got woken up at 0330 by a bunch of banging. I thought the cats were rough housing upstairs. They do the mad kitty dash sometimes at night and Smudge being 19 1/2 lbs sounds like a cow or maybe a Buffalo running across the floor. I grabbed a light from the night stand and was headed toward the stairs with the intention of sending them back to the cat pound (no, I wouldn't do that) when I passed the open window above my fly tying bench.

The noise was not coming from upstairs, but from outside. Back to the nightstand for a larger flashlight and my Ruger .357 loaded with .38 specials. Back light on and outside I went. Flashlight in one had, pistol in the other. The banging continued. It was coming from behind my workshop.

Behind my workshop is where I keep the garbage can. One of those 90 gallon plastic things. To keep out the Racoons, I have it chained to the back of the shop with 3" I-bolts into studs and chain around the can to hold it against the wall. Then a chain through the front handle, over the lid, and back around, chaining the lid shut.

As I approached the shop, I noticed the trash can was lying on its side. A little garbage was laying on the ground. The chain holding the I-bolt had been pulled out of the stud and was laying on the ground. In the near distance, I could hear the padding of big paws hauling ass away from the area. It was clear the bear couldn't get the can open, but he gave it a good try.

I came back inside and told my wife, "I need bigger ammunition and reloaded my .357 with .357's. I had no intention of shooting the bear (Black Bear I would assume), but I wanted:
1. a louder noise if necessary to scare it and 2. more power if that didn't work. I wasn't going to be breakfast, and I didn't want to go out there unarmed.

Well, it wasn't Bigfoot although I'm still waiting to see one, but a bear looking for breakfast. I suspect he'll be back. I understand there is someone up on the hill behind us, who just piles their trash behind their house. Definately a bear lure.

Ah hell, I wanted to get up at 0330 any way. NOT.

Till next time, aah the joys of country living.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Damn, Mark, you ruined it. If you hadn't told folks it was a bear, you could could have had tons of people crawling around your property giving you big bucks to see Bigfoot:)

  2. Darn...well, if you are lucky enough to see one I'd love to hear/read the report...I ain't pay'n though ;)

  3. Always love the 0330 wake up call. No guns in Fiji so I use a machete.
    Sleep tight

  4. Mark
    Get the dogs out--bears hate the barking, but who knows the bear may get use to the dogs,you may have a problem here, with the bear continuing coming back for meals. This post told a great story.

  5. Could of been rich if you had the corpse of a bigfoot. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  6. Lots of bears making news all over the western states. Glad you didn't have to shoot him, but, good job sending him a message. Hope he doesn't turn into a regular problem for you and the wife. Ol' guys like you and me need all the sleep we can get.

  7. Bigfoot, bears...as long as you don't end up "breakfast". This one had my heart pumping.

  8. You know how to turn a serious story into a funny one...your use of the word "NOT" brought some laughter to my office!

    Take care, and hope "bigfoot" doesn't make this a continual problem.


  9. Mark was that a close encounter of the worst kind or what,those neighbors would probally be the first to complain about bear issue & want it removed even though they left the garbage out & don't know/realize the facts.