Sunday, August 29, 2010

Brrrrrrr, Damn That Was Cold

Japan defeated Hawaii 4 to 1 for the LLWS Championship. Congratulations Japan.
My Son call last night. "Fishing on for tomorrow, meet us at Red Lake at 0900". If you'll remember from a post last year, I bought Ken and Ranae (Daughter-in-Law) fishing licenses for Christmas. This will be the first time Ranae has been fishing in quite a while (her words).
Being the early bird I am, I arrived at 0825. This is what it looked like. Cloudy and COLD. Felt like November, not August. I don't have a thermometer in my truck, so I can't tell you an exact temperature, only that it was cold and the wind was blowing.
Got my usual spot because nobody else was dumb enough to be out in this weather. Put out one rod with Rainbow Power Bait and a silver Kastmaster on the other. Ten minutes into casting to the right with the Kastmaster and I had landed and released two Brookies. Another five minutes into casting a silver Panther Martin to the left and two more Brookies landed and released. I thought, CRAP, if I keep this up I'll spook them by the time Ken and Ranae get there. So I put down my rod and vegged. Left the one with PB out because it wasn't doing anything anyway.
Vegging in that temperature is not fun. Hat, hooded sweatshirt, fleece gloves, and a frozen butt from sitting on a rock. Oh the joy of fishing.
By 0930 they still hadn't shown up, so I started fishing again. When they got there (Grandkids were home still sleeping) at about 0945, I had landed and released three more Brookies. Ken got Ranae set up with a silver Kastmaster and I went over to help her out. Ken started catching and releasing. I wanted this to be a positive experience for her, first time fishing in a long time. Pulled in the rod with PB to get it out of the way.
This picture is just getting started.
Ranae got into the swing and while I was around the bend, she caught one and had Ken help her get it off. The picture below.
By then she was rolling. She changed to a gold/burgandy Little Cleo and landed the one below which weighted in on the handy dandy Berkley Digital Scale at 12 oz. A good 13 incher and the biggest of the day. Beginners luck?
Well, we threw Kastmasters, Panther Martins, and Little Cleo's, caught fish on a bunch of colors in each type. I quit counting at 15, Ken quit counting at 10, and we're not sure how many Ranae caught, but it was a bunch. We did end up with seven on the stringer, which I dropped off at Bob's. The biggest one we kept too, which is second from the left.
Fishing this hot, weather that cold, and we were the only ones fishing. How good is that?
I think Ranae will be back for another shot at Red Lake. Hopefully sooner than later. A good day fishing with the "kids".
Till next time.
Mark (Shoreman)


  1. I can't even fathom cold weathre - we're still sweating our kiesters off in Chicago area. Nice fishing , though - it's great to see the occasional anglers getting in on the catching, too

  2. Smiling faces are the first clue to good fishing fun. Way to show 'em the good life, Mark. Enjoyed the pictures, too!

  3. Great job Mark (thumbs up) the area you live really looks like beautiful country, I've noticed before but wanted to mention it this time...enjoy the cool air, 92 yesterday, and due for 95 today and tomm..

  4. Thanks guys. This California weather is bad for the constitution. Freeze your ass off on Sunday and by Thursday we're expecting 100. Oddball Summer for sure.


  5. Wow, that cold in August, that's crazy! Definitely looked to be worth a chill though, that sort of action with family is what it's all about.

  6. Cold weather in August... wierd! The fishing was good though!

    The Average Joe Fisherman