Monday, August 23, 2010

I Give Up

I cruised over to Lake Tabeaud (Taboo) this morning to try a "couple of things". I ran by the fly shop last week and picked up a couple of hopper patterns. I thought that Tabeaud would be a good place to test them out since there are reported (by several people) to be "big" browns in the lake.

Got there early and walked to an easily accessable place and noticed the water moving at a really slow pace. I mean, slow enough to put a dry on. So I did. While I was tying on the fly, I noticed fish hitting the surface. A little far out, but the surface none the less. The outlook was great, the water was slow, the fish? Hell if I know. I couldn't get the fly across where they were breaking the surface and there sure wasn't anything on my side.

OK, after trying a Yellow Humpy, Royal Wulff, and an Elk Hair Caddis, I changed tactics. Went with a Zebra Midge under an indicator. Then a Copper John in green under an indicator. All this time slowly dead drifting the inlet.

Wandered down the inlet a little further and fished an area just downstream from an old submerged bridge and still nothing. Wandered around the corner and fish a little pond like area. Still nothing. On the way back to the inlet I came across a gentleman in a Pontoon and his fish finder said there were "bunches" of fish in the lake, but he couldn't get any hits either.

There are fish in the lake, this calls for drastic measures. Back to the truck and out with the spinning rods, Power Bait, and Pro-Cure Anise. That should do the trick.

Remember the last time I was here and the sides were slimy? Yup, they still were and walking back, not paying attention (my mind was filled with huge fish on PB), I managed to slip and fall on my butt and I have to tell you, it was slimy. Mud every where. My sneakers were covered, my pants were covered, my t-shirt was covered, and so was my tackle box. But, I was determined. Out went two rigs.

What I caught was weeds, weeds, and more weeds. Every cast had weeds on the hook and on the sinker, no matter where I put it. So, after my little "trip" and weed after weed, I gave up. Oh, I did try three hopper patterns, with and without droppers (Prince Nymph and some other nymph, I don't know what it was) and they didn't even get noticed.

There may be "big" browns, rainbows (I caught one last July), and "bunches" of fish on the fish finder, someone else can have them. I'm done with this lake.

Till the next time.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Sounds like a plan to me. Punt this lake and move on. You can always come back in less-slimy conditions.

  2. If there are big browns my guess is there are not a lot of them. That is the recipe for big browns. Big browns are wary, smart. They have been around the block. I did not realize you fly fish too. Hoppers in the am? Try them late afternoon, early evening. When you powerbait or worm do you always put on the bottom? Early am trout are often cruising on top looking for food. So you can use a bobber set to 3-4.'. Nice thing here is you don't get hung up on weeds. Use a weighted bobber and braided line you can really cast some distance. Plus the bobber alone dang near sets the hook for you when a trout bites. Give this method a try?

  3. Mike, Based on the last year, I don't think there is a "less-slimy" condition at this lake.

    Mark, I started fly fishing last October when I went to Oregon for Steelhead. The hoppers in the am thing, has to do with the best time for me to fish. My physical limitations only allow me to fish until Noon or 1:00pm and then I’m done for the day. I have to do what I can, when I can.

    Power Bait is always on a slip sinker rig with 24” or so of leader. I don’t usually have a problem it’s just this lake that’s my nemesis. Crawlers are on a slip sinker rig blown up, or with a bobber. Sometimes I fish a crawler by itself. No weight or bobber. Depends on the situation.

    As far as fishing this lake, I’m done. I’ve fished this lake probably 8 times over the last year and with the exception of the one Rainbow in July last year, I’ve never caught anything or seen anyone catch anything in this lake.


  4. I have been there and had days where nothing would work, but funny thing all of us fisherman keep coming back for more punishment. You talking about frustrtion read my post on Thurday, and what happen to me, I am still sick of that trip.

  5. Shoreman - Indeed, there are waters that drive us crazy, and, fish that sometimes win the game of fishing. On the slimy side, hope you didn't injure your tailbone. I broke mine once while fishing by slipping on some slimy rocks. Still bothers me to this day!

  6. Bill, glad I'm not alone, but I guess if you're a fisherman we all have these problems.

    Mel, When I hit, it was on my side. I had mud, caked mud, from my shoulder all the way down to my sneakers. The body is in a little pain, but I've endured worse.

    Thanks, guys.


  7. oh man have I got a few spots just like that! Hours I pour over maps and try new things only to drop shot over finicky blips on my sonar. Feel for you, Mark.

  8. Bag this lake and move on. There are plenty of other places that the fish will bite. The slip was the clincher for me, the fish gods have spoken. Time to move on.

  9. I think you need to come up to my stomping grounds and go fishing with me. The fish in your area seem, well, not so nice!
    I can just picture the fall since I've done many of those myself~