Friday, August 13, 2010

Lobster Bisque Anyone?

My long time friend, Dave in Missouri, sent me a link to an article in the Sun Sentinel, an online newspaper from Broward County, Florida. Before I posted this, I made sure that Alan over at Suwannee Refugee didn't beat me to the punch. So, here is the link for you to check out.,0,247067.story

Guy catches a 6 lb lobster at the beginning of lobster season. OK, "so what", you say.

1. Dave & I grew up in Deerfield Beach where the lobster was caught.
2. Dave & I caught lobster off the beach in Deerfield Beach.
3. Dave & I caught lobster right where this guy caught a 6 lb lobster.
4. The lobster was caught 70 ft south of the fishing pier where Dave and I spent most of our lives from age 9 to 16 (for me) and longer for Dave.

OK, I think you get the picture. Home turf. I don't know why we never caught a 6 lb lobster.

Enough of the lobster whinning. I've got a trout post to get to.

Mark (Shoreman)

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  1. Nope, I didn't get to this story. I was hanging out with a few friends yesterday cleaning fish, when a friend of a friend walked up. He said he caught 90 lobster during the mini lobster season in the Keys. Dang!