Friday, August 6, 2010

The Plan For Friday

Plan 1 - Bob (I plow for fish) and I were going to drive up to Bear River Reservoir and dunk some Power Bait. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he had to cancel.

Plan 2 - I could go alone, or I could pack my fly fishing gear and head to the South Fork of the American. Ok, I pick plan 2. Packed my fly fishing gear in the truck and changed my mind.

Plan 3 - Grab a cup of coffee at Cook's Station and head up the hill. Ok, good plan. Got the coffee and headed to Bear River Reservoir. With coffee in hand, a limit was assured.

Plan 4 - Bear turned out to be a bust. My best spot, Rainbow Power Bait (with a dollop of Anise) on a slip sinker rig, and only one fish in two hours.

Plan 5 - Pack up and head for Red Lake (or maybe green lake, depends on your perspective).

Dave W. made a comment, on the last post, about killing them at Red. Three limits in 3 hours. How hot is that? I've noticed that on the local forums, a lot of fishermen have been skunked or only catching a few at Red Lake. Oh well, leaves more for us.

Got to Red Lake at 1030. Put out one rig with RBPB and a silver Kastmaster on the other. In between catching and keeping and catching and releasing, I managed to get the Kastmaster snagged on the bottom. How does one do that, you ask? By getting a fish on one rid and laying down the other, while the lure is still out there. Lures like Kastmaster tend to sink like a rock. Ok, you already know that.

Just as I was about to wrap things up (I had 4 on the stringer for Bob), I met some new folks from beautiful downtown Modesto. That would be John and Marlene. Marlene works for Bass Pro Shops. John is a lucky man. Since I still needed one more, I filled them in on the how, what, and why of fishing Red Lake. Oh, did I mention, I had caught 9 by then and had released 5 back for another day or maybe later that day depending on how dumb the fish was? I managed one more for the stringer and was packing up when I asked them if they wanted a couple, if I caught more? Sure, so I put the rigs back out. Am I greedy or what?

I managed two more for their stringer, while they were getting rigged up and called it a day. It was just past Noon and time for lunch. As I walked back to say goodby, Marlene was pulling in her first fish of the day. I have no doubt they caught many more. They were on the Jazz. If you don't know this term, it's from the A-Team TV show.

One Rainbow from Bear River and 12 Brookies from Red Lake. All in all a good day. Called my son to make sure my Grandson got his birthday card (and money, that way he can get what he wants for his birthday) and happened to mention Tuesday and Today's catch. Happened to mention. Right. Instant plans for a fishing trip a week from tomorrow to Red Lake. Dad's know how to do these things. Manipulation, works every time.

Next week is pretty much taken up with three cords of Walnut being picked up, starting Tuesday, but I think Bob and I might get out Friday.

Till next time.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. Now we're talkin! That's a serious haul...I'm sure your arms are tired from all that hoisting & reeling. I like the manipulation concept, I must learn this skill Obi Wan.

  2. Way to go, Shoreman! Like Jerry Reed sings (When your hot, your hot!) Cool that you are so willing to share with other anglers. That concept isn't practiced much anymore.

  3. great post!

    Funny thing on power bait... One time we planed on stocking up for a fish fry. went to a local lake, crowded, with people having a good time catching stockers. the three of us presented wolly bugger flies to these things and got our limit in less than an hour... while cleaning those fish, we found there bellys full of all colors of powerbait.. Not sure if we wanted to eat them, we tried them anyway, and we all agreed that the meat tastes like berkley's...

  4. Mike, with your little one growing up, may the Force be with you.

    Mel, sharing is the idea of my blog whether how to or fish to Bob (I plow for fish).

    Bigerrfish, the thing about Power Bait is that it's based on the food, fed the stockers, in hatchery. Might have something to do with the taste. Ya can't beat a wild trout for taste.

  5. Just wanted to touch base about a comment you made on my blog... I'm not sure what lure that was in the dogfish's mouth. I know is was some type of popper.

    By the way, good post as always.

    The Avereage Joe Fisherman

  6. Man...way to turn a slow start around Mark!!!