Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday, A Day To Relax

First, if you're a baseball fan and you're not watching the Little League World Series, you are missing some superb baseball games. After all, the are the Best, of the Best, of the Best (got that from Men in Black).

Wednesday, a day to relax. Since I'm still feeling the effects of my "trip" on Monday, I thought I'd take my spinning gear, a foam pad, and just sit up at Caples Lake and enjoy the day. Got there at 0845, a little late, but Hey, it's just a day to relax. Since it was expected to be some what warm today I figured the higher, the cooler.

Couldn't get the place I had on Friday the 13th, so I went a little further to the right. Far enough away from the guy fishing there to not be a bother. Put out two rigs with PB and plunked my butt on the pad. Enjoyed the scenery, the weather, and just be outdoors. Did I mention that I didn't catch anything?

An hour or so into the day, the people on the other side of the guy in the hole I wanted, left. I packed up and went over there. Caught a couple of small ones. You know, 9" or so. Then the guy in the hole I wanted left. Now I'm ready for a for a good sit, couple of good sized fish (like the ones on Friday the 13th, and spend the rest of the day being a slug. Did I mention it was getting noticeably warmer? So I had a three count of Rainbows that I caught. Nothing else interested in my offerings. I sat for a while and then my mind started "What if I go to Red Lake and see what's happening there?" The lady at Cooks Station said a couple of guys got limits before Cooks opened on Monday Morning.

Should I? This was supposed to be a day of rest, although it was getting warmer and Red Lake is higher. I went. Arrived at 1045 and got my usual spot. Nobody there. Not a good sign? Never detered me before. Set up one rod with PB and silver Kastmaster on the other.

Over the next two hours, I caught and released 9 Brook Trout in the 9" - 11" range and put 5 on a stringer (bleeding) for Bob (I plow for fish). Got to keep him supplied, Winter is coming although you wouldn't know it from the temperature today. Since I had my limit, I headed home. I got there at 1:00pm and it was an even 100 degrees on my back porch. Keep in mind that I live at 3200 feet in elevation. It's currently 106 in Sacramento. OUCH.

Well, I'm going back upstairs and sit in front of the air conditioner. It's cool down here, but cooler in front of the A/C.

Till the next time I get out and about.

Mark (Shoreman)


  1. I am sure wishing I could relax for awhile like you do and catch a bunch of trout while i am doing it. Sounds like just my kind of day! What is your favorite Kastmaster color? I just purchased a couple the other day to give a swim through the local waters.

  2. So I guess the question is "were you relaxed?" Sounds like you did a lot of fishing & moving. The results seem to be worth it.

    I'm done with the heat, bring on fall!!!!

  3. A Men in Black reference... nice!

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  4. Mel - Silver & gold 1/4 oz and a slow retrieve.

    Mike - I don't think I know how to relax, but that was the best I can do. I'm not quite ready for Fall although I'm sure it will be here shortly.

    Ryan - Thanks.

  5. Winter is coming? You just got rid of the snow it seems!

    I watched a bit of the Little League World Series. Seen the highlights of the Washington kids put in that little pitcher. That was priceless and will be hard to forget the smile on that kids face.

  6. Mark I know the fealing about being a slug someday's you just got to, have you ever had one of these no fish bitting so I'll move some where else & as soon as you move the other place dies & the place you where gets hot don't know how often that's happen to me.

  7. I'm a big baseball fan and enjoy watching the LLWS. However, I'm not too sure if 12 year olds should have this much pressure on them to perform.

  8. David - Oh sure. It's that Murphy guy.

    Alan - I agree. Some of them take it really hard. You can see it in their expressions.

  9. 106--thats just misery weather.
    Sounds like a great ending to your day. Great job on catching, and stocking up on the fish.
    Personally, I'm ready for FALL, cool, beautiful fall ~